Assessing the Impact of Domain History on Newly Registered Domains

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As someone new to domaining, I'm intrigued by how a domain's historical baggage might influence its value, particularly for domains that I manually register. My interest is in understanding both the tangible and perceived impacts of a domain's past. Here are a few streamlined questions:
  • Domain Reputation and Backlink Legacy: How do a tarnished reputation and a history of spammy or low-quality backlinks impact the appeal and initial valuation of a newly registered domain?
  • Market Perception and Ranking Difficulties: Are buyers hesitant about domains with negative histories, and could these histories create ranking difficulties, even for freshly registered domains?
  • Price Adjustment: Considering the above, should the historical usage of a domain guide my pricing strategy when flipping?
I appreciate any experiences and suggestions you're willing to share.
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