Top 5 domain extensions in 2022?

Which is top five extensions in 2022?

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Top TLD in 2022 will be .COM

Top TLD in 2023 will be .COM

Top TLD in 2024 will be .COM

Top TLD in 2025 will be .COM

Top TLD in 2026 will be .COM

Top TLD in 2027 will be .COM

Top TLD in 2028 will be .COM

Top TLD in 2029 will be .COM

Top TLD in 2030 will be .COM

Raise your hand if anyone still has any doubt.
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Once we switched over to spotvirtual.com, not only did the anecdotal experience drastically improve, but we were able to quantify this based on some of our emails which were tracked. After switching, our initial email open rates rose from 70% to 86%, second email open rates rose from 50% to 72%, and overall meeting conversions rose from .1% to 3%! This improvement alone is worth the domain switch.
After conducting business under spot.xyz we got the distinct impression that it was negatively impacting our brand. Although internally we did not share this same feeling, we would occasionally get feedback from users and prospects that the .xyz domain felt unprofessional and that they would prefer to use an app with a different URL.



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no emotion, rely on the stats available

quick search on Namebio,
criteria: 4chars+ and 1000$+

Number of sales in the last Year
com 20,201 total entries
org 1,417 total entries
net 678 total entries
xyz 451 total entries
io 277 total entries
co 169 total entries

if you focus on .com , you have more chance to run a profitable portfolio


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Obviously .com, .org, .net are the most popular ones among domain extensions. but get.it.com provides their unique third-level domain, ".it.com", which is rapidly gaining popularity in 2022. Website owners who want to separate themselves from the herd can use this. And also those who already have a .com domain and are looking to promote their business in the local Italian market. It's the perfect one to get more visibility for your business and reach more customers.
how about you go shove.it.com?


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  1. .Com
  2. .Io
  3. Net
  4. XYZ
  5. .org


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.network tron.network a startup worth billions (started last 7 years)
.io opensea.io a startup worth billions (very young crypto company)
.app many startups mega millions

.co is COlombia a crap 3rd world
.org is a non profit TLD
.xyz is popular with broke millennials

.com is irrelevant in 2022, you create a unicorn in a new TLD, raise billions then just buy the .com when you got billions, if you even want it.

The mega new wealth is not in .com companies it's all outside .com, you guys make me laugh
.com is the gold standard. If you tell someone you have a website they will most likely assume it ends in .com even nowadays. .net and .org being runners up


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It's only COM for me. All my sales were COM. I don't trade any other TLDs.

I also have some solid XYZ, but no sales or offers after almost a year. Hope after renewing them, there will be some traction. I have bought them mostly as a future investment and priced them high- but not Swetha high haha. Not in a rush to sell them for peanuts.
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.com is King for anything

.org is equal to .com if it's for non-profit, causes, charities, religion

.org/net is 10x less valuable than same in .com (with the above exception)

.io is better than .org or .net IF it's for a tech / startup and highly brandable

.ly is my personal favorite IF it's a short, popular english-dictionary one-word domain that "works" with the ly... e.g. teach.ly, post.ly, coin.ly, trade.ly


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I feel the world is ready for generics due to inflation.

MY FAVorite is dot ICU - I've just acquired Sports.ICU

Cheers !

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Only 3 seems to have the right momemtum.
.Com (way ahead)
.Xyz (Good momentum from last year or so)
.Org (Gaining Momentum, let's see what happens next year)
.net (although i find renewals are high nowin comparison with the past)
.co (idem) esp. LLL.CO's
.tv (idem)
.top (see remark below)
.io (but i don't have any : I find this hyped : costs a lot (to register and renew).Can anyone explain why this extention has so much registrations at LLL.io for instance. It stands for Indian Ocean Islands or so. But for what interesting thing stands ".io" EXACTLY ? (Like .tv is for .tuvalu, but actually is used for "television").

WHERE IS .TOP ? : I find this extention exquisite, but the extension
has to be used for domains where .top actually gives meaning to (superb or top) for the word in front of it (so the actual first part in front of the "." of the domain). And that's interesting for some specific domains/words.
Take f.i. sales.top shops.top, scores.top etc.. It gives meaning. Other (and bertter examples can be given than the ones I give here).