Was Initiv.com RDNH ruling in favor of Respondent against Sanofi most important of 2022?

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I think the Initiv.com UDRP victory over Sanofi was the most important decision in favor of domainers for 2022.


For years, Gerald Levine, Esq. argued Panelists must rule for RDNH whenever the standard for such a ruling is met, despite Respondent responding or not. In this case, the panelist ruled against Sanofi with RDNH, without Respondent filing a counter argument.

This decision is important because:

(1) $50 billion Big Pharma corporation and Blue chip legal team was rejected,
(2) RDNH by default has another precedential case for future reference
(3) Deters other corporations from taking this path when the facts are similar due to over zealous legal representatives

Yes, I love a good David & Goliath story.

Hope to read more decisions with RDNH by default in the future. You?
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