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About a year ago I switched my domains from GoDaddy because I couldn't stand there support anymore, took forever to get a hold of anyone who knew what they were talking about... It was a hard switch since they were my first registrar and I had been with them since 2002.

After contacting NameCheap customer service, they seemed responsive and knowledgeable, so I made the switch, slowly moving my domains over to them (About 50 names), and I also got there hosting & email service. (I now know this is a really bad idea to have your domains at the same place as your hosting)

Well awhile back I was in negotiations to sell a domain, when the potential buyer changed his offer from $800, to $100 due to potential low google rankings... I said um, what? Come to find out 12 of my domains were pointed to pornographic content due to what I was told was a "crack in cPanel" where another NameCheap member pointed my domains to his account to make money on ad revenue. I asked, how is this possible without my permission? They replied "It's typically not" geee... thanks...

After that I said, no big deal, got it fixed, it happens... Until the spam in my email box's... I was getting hundreds of emails from "[email protected]" a day, my wife was getting the same. Days and days later NameCheap could not figure it out... So after blocking the mail the spam kept coming like I have never seen before so I tried cPanel email on there servers, IMMEDIATELY after setting it up I was getting 3 bot attacks per minute trying to get into my account. I asked NameCheap what I could do to stop these? The usernames they were using were like "[email protected]" just random letters, but unacceptable. What they the tell me?!?! The support tech said "Why did you create all those emails and try to log in with them?"... WHAT?!? I am confused at this point... I closed down the cPanel mail and tool my mail elsewhere, no issues since...

What else could happen right? Virus's... loads of them, every day... even after deleting my hosting plan all together and not uploading anything, they were back! The scanner would find about 3-10 a day in my files, so the tech tells me, it's probably because of a "crack" in wordpress... I haven't even had wordpress on my server since BEFORE we re-did the entire account... Then they tell me I am uploading Virus's... I am old school, all I do is build basic landing pages in notepad and upload PNG images... So tell me how you get virus's from notepad or images? All they tell me over and over again is that they want to scan for virus's and I need to buy there upgraded protection ($168.88) for a one time virus repair... are you kidding me?!?! Another tech told me, it's fine, just a false positive... wow...

They WILL NOT issue me a refund because I have had hosting more then 30 days, even after all this crap... So glad I paid for 2 years :xf.rolleyes:

That was the last straw... I don't want hosting anymore, just a secure place to park my names. After being with GoDaddy for 20 years, my domains are going back to them for 1 reason, I NEVER felt at risk there... at NameCheap I felt like my domains would all be gone any day... Hopefully I do not have to deal with GoDaddy support much since I am only parking names there, but after moving to the bad part of the neighborhood for a year, glad to be back.

(P.S. On NameCheap's own website they say "Purchasing domain vault is like keeping your money in a bank account, or a precious family heirloom in a safe, instead of under the mattress.")

Well that makes me feel good that my domain at NameCheap is as secure as money under a mattress :ROFL:
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I think you're an old man tripping on the domain buy-sell sector...
what you wanted to say on your post -- quite unclear !!
Is Namecheap good or bad ?
I and all of others -just wish to know...
gd is the worst.
nc not far behind.

there is no reason aside from simple lack of experience and knowledge anyone on earth should not be using or dyna. in that order. skip everything else. unless u like suicidal.