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    Happy New Year Everyone!

    For those using Voodoo, I have a couple of questions on whether the following is available on their site (I looked but cannot find this information on their site)

    1) I have some domains set to "SEARCH BOX AND TITLE ONLY" -- so no Ads show on the original lander, and if the user wants they can enter their Search words. What I want to see is a list of the Search Words users are typing in when they land on my initial page lander. Example -- I have a page that gets around 50 visitors per day, and according to Voodoo Stats there are about half that number of searches for the domain name per day. So I want to know what the words are that the users are typing in.

    2) Most of my parked domains at Voodoo have a "FOR SALE" Banner/Ribbon. Sometimes users will click the banner that brings them to the "Make Offer" Page. What I want to see is a list of how many times the FOR SALE banner is clicked by domain name, and also logged by IP Address (this could give me valuable information on whether the potential buyer has repeatedly clicked the FOR SALE Banner). And if not the same user, perhaps "regional" by IP that might indicate more than one person within a region has visited the site and clicked the FOR SALE Banner.

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