Virtual Reality Domains (VR)

Im betting big bucks on VR domains have a great future and with the big boys buying up VR companies, mainstream is a stones throw away.....

Lots of VR+keyword.com taken years ago and I noticed this sale a week or so back -

VRTechnology.com $3688

This was a steel and I can soon see everything from VRPoker / VRCasinos / VRShopping / VRBrowsing / VRTours / VRWorlds / etc etc....having a high price tag even now at the start of VR hitting mainstream...

I have just paid $x,xxx for a name but will not be showcasing as the domain is in escrow at present....

Feel free to showcase your VR domains If you like...


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Well let me jump in.
Big airways and airfares are already taping into VR especially interfaces.
For example Russian airway named S1 has already tapped into VR to increase conversions and maximize customers.
I have cheeked their sites like 6 months ago and they stated they are already moving in that direction.
They already built MVP virtual "software" that can help their clients pick among various destinations with interface.
One has been showcased on airport and i think its still functional on some of their stores. For this reason i got MetaTransient.com as Transient can indicate and be used for protentional name and temporary dwellers in between VR and our reality.

So for now that persons don't have yet right "Name" and that is yet to be decided.
Some possibility i see in Metaverser, Inhabitant, Transient or totally new brandable keyword that might be introduced.

In my case i gamble with this idea, while it might end up as main keyword for those persons.
Also i got onto FBMetaverser.com which i am also not 100% sure it will come to live stage.

But i think there are good positive indications it might go also into that way.

Anyways i welcome counter opinions.
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There are many metaverse / web3 projects that want to use VR. Revomon, NetVRK and Wilder World are the biggest right now. But the reality is that people don’t have headsets or don’t use the headsets yet so they also allow for desktop or web interfaces, but the time will come when XR tech is the next computing platform and of course crypto will be a big part of that. Once we have the equivalent of metamask for standalone VR like the quest, the game will change. Just because metaverse is king now, it’s still a buzz word until it is actually implemented with VR.


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virtualreality Watch tag virtual Watch tag reality Watch tag
Virtual/Born .Com
VR/Demo .io
VR/ com/es

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