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Virtual Reality Domains (VR)

Im betting big bucks on VR domains have a great future and with the big boys buying up VR companies, mainstream is a stones throw away.....

Lots of taken years ago and I noticed this sale a week or so back - $3688

This was a steel and I can soon see everything from VRPoker / VRCasinos / VRShopping / VRBrowsing / VRTours / VRWorlds / etc etc....having a high price tag even now at the start of VR hitting mainstream...

I have just paid $x,xxx for a name but will not be showcasing as the domain is in escrow at present....

Feel free to showcase your VR domains If you like...


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A couple to possibly invest in that I saw though not sure if they're worth buying: $119 $788 (Frank Schilling has available for $17,000!)

Even though most's are taken, alot of's remain available (hyphen added). Possibly not a bad thing to pick some up as it helps to add space between VR and keyword, plus Europeans are particularly fond of hyphens, I've sold two so far this year to a German and an Italian....
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I think the first industry to really adopt VR technology will be real estate. Imagine buying a new home off the plan, but being able to explore it through VR first, or inspecting apartments from your real estate agents office. Thus, the only name I have in this category is around is in this niche.
Maybe you're right, but i think main directions of VR development will be games, sex industry and movies(video).

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