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In a physical event, what's the maximum number of people you'd feel confortable networking amongst?

  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.
  • 50 people max

  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.


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This new thread has been created to avoid confusion due to the recent 2 major changes:
  1. The dates are: 22-23 August
  2. Tickets are FREE


For the 1st time viewers:

The mission is to start an annual networking event for the Domain Name Market professionals and companies in London, UK (with a population of 67.2 million people, UK is the largest English-speaking country in Europe).

I have signed an agreement with a great London restaurant YUM-SA and it will be converted into a 2-day networking environment. Also, there will be free food and basic drinks for domainers to network.

The venue place has the capacity of 100 people indoors and it also has 2 outdoor spaces on both sides of the building (1 for 60 people, and another for 50 people), and can be seen here: https://summit.london/about-venue-place/

In total there are 12 exhibiting spaces:


This May, you can get discounted prices on the exhibiting stands. More at: https://summit.london

Part payments are available and most welcome.

WhatsApp me: +44.7494142055


We don't plan to do workshops this year.

The attendee tickets are Free of charge and I plan to have at least 500 people attending from all around the world.

Capacity: indoors 100 people / 2 outdoor spaces of 50-60 people/each.

Important: 10 Free Tickets are available each day (released in the morning). Please return tomorrow if these are sold out today.

🌐 Domain name Summit - London, UK
📅 22-23 August 2022
👉 https://summit.london/
🔥 DAY 1 tickets (FREE): https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/268093644307/
🔥 DAY 2 tickets (FREE): https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/331856530817/

UK domainers are one of the eldest, financially stable and largest established domainer communities in the world. This will be an annual event and I plan to grow it to the #1 Independent English-speaking Domain event in Europe.

Please let me know in the comments if you need any other information.

Best wishes,

p.s. more information will follow in the comments. tx
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What are people scared of networking is it covid, flu, monkeypox or media?

:D :D yes, there are people who stay indoors all the time - this event is probably not for them :)

It is the only UK domainer event. Let me politely repeat - The only one this year :)

Now, it is in the hands of every domainer - do you want to do business, grow your network (crucial in this industry) and make more money?

Yes? You know what to do > register today! Simple :)

no excuses :)


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News: We will have a Domains Talk Room (sponsored by IT.COM) & every exhibitor can apply for their speaking slots (Q&A sessions, presentations, workshops).

And yes, now I can confirm that there will be livestreams - and what streams these will be! Prepare your VR goggles ;)

Registration is still free: https://londonsummit.eventbrite.com/

Have the most productive Monday!

p.s. It is nice to see that the space is slowly getting filled up :)

p.p.s. sorry, can't disclose the Names behind the reserved spaces till confirmed.

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