news Unstoppable Domains drops lawsuit against Handshake .wallet owner

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Blockchain naming company Unstoppable Domains has dismissed without prejudice a lawsuit it filed against Scott Florsck and Wallet Inc., which offered second level .wallet registrations in the Handshake system. But Florsck’s lawsuit against Unstoppable remains, meaning the saga isn’t over.
Unstoppable Domains originally sued Gateway Registry, the registry that managed Florsck’s .wallet domains, last year when the registry started offering second level registrations under .wallet on Handshake. Unstoppable offers a rival .wallet domain on a different blockchain and system.
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Unstoppabledomains.com - terrible brand name for a start.

They are the absolute worst and I cannot believe that folks buy their BS.

Btw, I predicted many moons ago that this would happen. You can’t claim to be decentralized and not expect another decentralized entity to compete. There isn’t any moderation here and one doesn’t trump the other, if you’re truly off the grid.
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