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Uniregistry - Unethical Pricing Shenanigans - Broken Promise

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So here's the deal. I had my names at Moniker and was getting pricing discounts. Last year, the Director of Registrar Sales at Uniregistry makes me an offer for special pricing to move my names over there and promises the pricing and discounts across the board "will stay fixed" to my account and not a 'gotcha'. I had my names listed in auction at NameJet and started to transfer my names to Uniregistry after that when expiration dates approached.

Now recently Uniregistry decided that they will make me pay a special subscription fee to get my current discounts. (I believe the $14.99 per month (billed yearly) is my current discount level - see ).

So basically this is blatant 'gotcha' screwing me over by not keeping their word and I believe breaking a "binding contract" (see ). My account manager at Uniregistry more or less said in the last email that they will not keep their word on what I was promised and will require me to pay a subscription fee. I'm rather pissed off. Now I don't have hundreds or thousand+ names like I used to but that is not the point here.

Now I know I was not the only person who got these discounts so I'm wondering what others are doing who are in the same situation. Thoughts and advice from others are welcome.

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OMG! wtf! That is pure BS, I have seen some on the sly stuff, but this is totally crazy. you should be refunded.

Speak @Uniregistry


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Had similar offer but it was only a few pennies less than Godaddy so didn't make the move.

Thanks for the heads up.
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I just started to transfer my first group of names away from Uniregistry to NameSilo... due to "bait an switch" tactics.

When the Director of Registrar Sales at Uniregistry says "Keep in mind, this special pricing is not a 'gotcha' and will stay fixed to your account. Your discount is across the board to all extensions"... that actually meant they will not keep their word by implementing a 'gotcha'. #unethical

Uniregistry has demonstrated that they are not trustworthy! (am considering having names removed from their parking service & utilizing their brokers as well)
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