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This is an interesting one because I actually bought this to develop myself. Estimators have a hard time with domains reflecting immediate events - especially those that invoke emotion and passion. I bought it the day after the war broke out in Ukraine. I feel now I must give it up. Yet, I have no idea as to its true worth. Thoughts?
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1) You bought it 2 weeks after new phase of war start(see att).
2) There were tons of Ukr domains droped, as war and not only. Some of them have more value that this one. I'm from Ukraine and I don't see much value on it. I belive @Jordon M. will share price range or so
3) You probably know it's not good idea to make money on war/Blood money. Just drop it, especial if you "have no idea".

p.s. You are from Ukraine?
You can try to contact with UA NP members(don't spam them with domain name at 1-st message, ask before send a URL-NP rules), some/if not all of them have develop website themself as well.

3) You probably know it's not good idea to make money on war/Blood money. Just drop it, especial if you "have no idea".

Thank you for your thoughts. However...

Did you read the part where I said, "I bought it to actually develop?"
I had no intention to do anything except develop a site with feeds and links to resources in support of Ukraine. I had no plans for it to be monetized - at all. But, domain sales are a different matter. If I want it in the right hands - I need to have an idea on the market VALUE. That's why I asked. So, assumptions are far from accurate.

I am a 63 year-old taxpayer in the United States of America.
Our country has, so far, supported Ukraine to the tune of 75 Billion Dollars +.
Note that the money/material support, etc. for Ukraine from the USA is making astronomical money for an astronomical number of military contractors, conglomerates, etc. Not agreeing with it, but it's reality. My little domain sale - and making sure it goes to the right hands pales in comparison.

Good luck to you - and best wishes for the future of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. America stands with you.
- Mike
$15 to $89 = Reseller Value Speculation (NOT an end user speculation)