Tutorial: How to Track Domain Type-In Traffic

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    One of the most elusive topics surrounding domain investing is type-in traffic. There are many schools of thought on this topic.

    In short, I define and qualify domain type-in traffic as visitors typing a domain name into a web browser and landing a single web page (not fully developed website) — completely bypassing search engines altogether.

    Now many are quick to blur the lines between domain parking and domain type-in traffic. They are two different things, yet one relies on the other.

    In this case, domain parking can rely on domain type-in traffic, but not exclusively. A domain can be parked and display ad links that visitors click on to generate domain parking revenue.

    On the other hand, domain type-in traffic is simply the number of times visitors type in the domain into a web browser with no search engine help included.

    Domain type-in traffic doesn’t automatically result in revenue although it can if the destination offers products, services, or a call to action that is in alignment with the visitor’s expectation.

    It doesn’t take long after entering into domain investing to hear about the heyday of early investors buying keyword domains for the avalanche of type-in traffic.

    Most domain investors, especially those early in their journey, are fast on the hunt to discover undeveloped domain gems with thousands of visits daily.

    Do domains with exponential type-in traffic like the days of old actually exist today?

    And if they do exist, how and where does one go about discovering, measuring, and procuring such domains?

    But again, domains with type-in traffic do exist, and I aim to educate and share with you how to discover and measure such domains in a simple tutorial. So, let’s get started!

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    Awesome tutorial Alvin!

    Also, it makes me want the domain name - TypeinTracker :P
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    Thanks for a great informative article @Alvin Brown

    For those who want to take the easy way out, I guess you can create a website for your domain at Godaddy (I have used the free website option for making and which allows you to enter your Google Analytics code and then one at a time forward your domains to that website by using the format that you had mentioned for tracking that points to

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