Truestee for .dk?

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    Anyone can register .dk domain, but some people are forced to send critical personal info, maybe something like a copy of ID.

    This is totally unacceptable. So I'm looking for a trustee. Is there any service like this? I think ordinary people can also act as proxy, but then responsibilities are shared.

    Since anyone can register a .dk domain, noone accepts being a trustee because "it is not needed, why pay for something which is free".

    Last year about the same time I suffered from same type of horror.. I'm wasting time because of total nonsense.
    I check Sedo many times to check whether buyers paid for their purchase, but it will never happen with 50 percent chance.
    This is like you have money in the bank, but bank went illiquid, and you can't enter the bank to complain about it.
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