Toyota AI Ventures rebrands to Toyota.Ventures

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    Toyota AI Ventures is rebranding ( & to Toyota.Ventures (cover:

    ... In 2017, we started Toyota’s first standalone venture capital firm with a vision and a passion for change — embarking on a mission to discover what’s next for Toyota.

    Today, we begin the next leg of that journey with a new name, an expanded investment thesis, and two new $150M funds that bring our total assets under management to over $500M. While our mission and approach remain the same, Toyota AI Ventures will now be known as Toyota Ventures.

    .... Although our name is changing, our investment approach is not. Startups are our customers. Our corporate parent, Toyota, is our partner. These two stakeholders play different roles and have different needs. So, for our startup customer, we’ll be doubling down on the principles that have served them (and us) well.

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    so the worlds biggest car company's venture capital company

    rebrands to a gtld

    a shrewd move

    i was an early investor in gtld s etc and still am today and having owned sone of the best gtlds etc

    the worlds biggest car company understands the power of a gtld and that a gtld is better than a 2 word .com when the second word of a
    two word brand is a gtld

    something many .com investors have yet to realise

    all good fun
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  3. Samer

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    .jp would have been better

    Japan has the best quality cars craftsmanship.
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