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discuss Thoughts for future consideration. Post Covid-19

I can't help but believe that our world has forever changed. Hopefully, the brunt of the Corona virus has been reduced by our collective efforts. Only time will tell, for it still looms on the horizon. Dramatic? Perhaps.
Steps will be taken in order to avoid our current shortcomings. Supplies (no, not toilet paper) of sorely needed items will be stockpiled for future similar instances. Ventilators, ppe for healthcare workers, identifying facilities which can be utilized for emergency care, etc. This current pandemic will be studied for years to come. We must learn from this. Communication and proper action are paramount.
This I foresee:
Less dependancy on inexpensive labor overseas. Too many vital items come from other countries and were shipped out to other countries as well. I am speaking as an American citizen. I believe every country affected by this pandemic will also determine what is best for their country. Self dependency is usually a desired thing. Not to a point of isolationism, but to have a mindful eye on potential conflicts of interest for the sake of profits.
I also see where handheld money will become more and more a thing of the past. Far too many germs transmitted. You can wash and clean your own money ( don't laugh, I have seen it), but the change you receive back was recently handled by - who knows? Even If you swipe a credit or debit card, that slot was also recently used by - who knows? Over dramatic thinking? Not in some people's minds. A non-touching system will be in place and thriving real soon. Money will be a collection of "credits" If you will. This has been foreseen for some time. The current pandemic will now hasten the process.
People will deal/shop online more than ever before. Online businesses will thrive without question. I also believe that shoppers will prefer to deal with in-country websites. The .com sites will still dominate, but the best .com domains are long gone. Country codes should see a large boost in popularity from having a perceived local presence. They also offer better domain verbage than is available within the .com world.
We still need each other worldwide. This I know. But what are we doing right now? Shelter in place. A lesson in being careful and mindful of that which we allow in, and that which we expose ourselves to. Some are adamant about staying home totally isolated. Some are rather indifferent. Some are totally carefree. Where do you fall? I prefer to be cautious considering the reported consequences. "Forever changed"