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The rules of "hand regged" domains

Located in General Domain Discussion started by BrandsOpen, Nov 8, 2018.


  1. BrandsOpen

    BrandsOpen Established Member

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    What makes a hand regged domain?

    IMO, it should be names that previously have not been registered.

    A dropped name can ofcourse be re-registered by hand. But does it make it a "hand reg" in terms of "that is my idea - and only mine"?

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  2. MrAcidic

    MrAcidic Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP

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    every name was "hand regged" at some point, but I agree that if you reg a name and it has never been done before then BOOM! it is a hand reg and you can welcome it to the unforgiving world of Domain name investing....
  3. Grego85

    Grego85 Quality.Domains VIP

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    I dont think you should ever want a domain to be only your idea. You need someone else to have the same idea so they buy it from you.

    Thats what I've learned. You only want to be as creative as the average business owner or marketing person.

    Hand regs have their place, for me, when I hand reg its mostly speculative on future developments or technologies.

    and IMO a hand reg only needs to be available for a fraction of a second. Its only not considered "hand reg" if you didn't put in the reg request yourself.
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  4. BrandsOpen

    BrandsOpen Established Member

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    That is true, thanks for pointing that out. For me as well, it is mostly a study on future technology etc. An educational and fun process that can be highly addictive, I am well aware of that.

    It would be interesting to learn about some sales involving "own ideas" though. With that I don't mean names registered mid 90s.
  5. golan

    golan GolanMedia.com Gold Account VIP

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    How can it matter? Word juggling...
  6. BrandsOpen

    BrandsOpen Established Member

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    It doesn't matter in any particular sense. But it could identify a skillset. I'm just curious. That's a good thing.
  7. hookbox

    hookbox Top Member VIP

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    If I follow a name and it drops and I register it then I don't consider that to be a handreg but if I randomly come up with a name and register it and didn't know it was registered before then I would consider that to be a handreg even if it was registered ten times previously.
  8. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP

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    I wish we had a publicly available record of registration history for each name. i.e. that shows all past registrations. Right now the record gets reset on dropped but it does not seem right that a name someone held for 12 years, but then drops perhaps due to illness, and gets picked up is considered now fresh.

    With often a huge difference between first and later year rates for ngTLDs many good names get picked up, drop, are only not there for a few days, then picked up again. I even managed to pick up one of my own drops recently to save on the high renewal fee.

    I think all of the following have some relevance:
    (a) when was the name first registered
    (b) how does that compare with when first GA (for new extensions)
    (c) what fraction of the time has it been registered by someone
    (d) how long has the current owner had it
  9. Spex

    Spex Established Member

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    I think anytime you can go to a registrar and search and reg an available domain, it's a hand-reg.

    Example: If I register domain.com today but it's been regged and dropped a million times in the past...if I wasn't aware, then it's a hand-reg

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