opinion The registries are now domainers too!

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I've read several threads about how when a domainer reaches out to sell a domain name they get replies that, well are not nice. I've had a few myself and don't do much outbound marketing.

Now that new gTLDs have launched and many require premium pricing for their names will this make us look a bit better to the end user, over time? I see no difference now between the registry, register making their profit compared to us so called cyber squatters or whatever they want to call us.

BTW - Never agreed with the term cyber squatter.

I personally think the launch of new extensions has placed domain investors within a different class than what's been reflected in the past. Registries and the register place a higher price for domains with higher value, they were just late in the game.

Hopefully this will help all of us moving forward during communication and negotiations, what's your thoughts?
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The problem is always the same: whether you are a domainer or a registry, it's hard to sell stuff that nobody wants.
The registries effectively have a license to print money, but their money is more like North Korean dinars: worthless/useless for the majority of people.
I don't think the new situation improves our status overall.