The Open Network (TON)

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The Open Network (TON)
NFT Domains with .ton extension

Domain registration
DNS .ton .org

Registration costs depending on the number of characters in the domain
1. Domain must be at least 4 and no more than 126 characters
2. Purchase is in the form of an auction (usually takes 3 days)
3. Payment is made by using cryptocurrency Toncoin,
4. Payment is a one-time fee (but you will need to make at least 1 microtransaction each year to validate your ownership)

Starting price (1ton = ~$2.3 Date: 3/10/2023)
4 symbols = 478.2969ton = $1,109.65
5 characters = $239.14845=$554.82
6 characters = $191.31876ton=$443.86
7 characters =$143.48907ton=$332.89
8 symbols =$95.65938ton=$221.93
9 characters =$47.82969ton=$110.96
10 characters = $4.782969ton =$55.48
11 characters = $4.782969ton =$11.10

11 characters and on is worth $4.782969ton =$11.10

Here is the secondary market address
There is a marketplace
getgems .io/collection/EQC3dNlesgVD8YbAazcauIrXBPfiVhMMr5YYYk2in0Mtsz0Bz

Here are the details on buying Toncoin
ton .org/en/buy-toncoin

The goal of The Open Network (TON) project
to merge existing blockchains and the existing Internet into a single network

youtube .be/XgzHmV_nnpY
youtube .com/watch?v=kYVeuiyT6AU&t
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