The new g’s and Michael Berkens (Part 1)

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    Great eye opener, thanks for posting...
  3. JayT


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    Yet some parking companies won't even accept new G :D Those of us that know are really turned off by the industry rejecting them...but they will infiltrate public knowledge, they get clicks, google, amazon etc all know it, they're investing heavy.

    Miami is a local market with a few million people?

    Buy domains that appeal to billions or at least nail an EMD for 100k+ / ONLY gets 1,000 a month...and wondering why no traffic?
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  4. Soofi

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    Thanks for sharing, worth a watch!
  5. offthehandle

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    Thank you for posting this. I looked at Ricks video and Morgans only, didn’t know this existed. Much appreciated to hear from true investors like Michael with huge success and track records speaking.
  6. Internet.Domains

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    Looking forward to the data this series will provide. This will be the largest amount of data from an unbiased source since NewG inception. Thank you MB!
  7. wurdd

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    Start at the 20 minute mark. All you need to takeaway, "the ceiling is really low on your success" and "3 and 4 word dotcoms are like a lottery ticket... (however the) chances of you hitting on a new GTLD is worse than a scratch off."
  8. kriss05

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    Thank you for your talk! Please be careful with what data to share, though - we don't need an army of competitors to come :)
  9. jmcc

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    Essential viewing for all domainers. Some fascinating insights there. The one about the geo NGTs was the most surprising. A few of them are doing well in terms of usage and marketing but some of them do have problems. The Digital Towns thing hit a few of them hard.

  10. Bob Hawkes

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    Thank you so much Michael, both for your remarks on the video, the extra data you are sharing here, and your role in co-organizing the event with Rick S. From everything I have read participants found the location and the format refreshing and worthwhile. I think the idea of a microphone where everyone could have their say is a brilliant idea.

    My hearing is pretty poor (a 200 Hz and lower stereo system is as good for me as any other :xf.eek:) but if I heard correctly on the video the traffic on the new extensions that were a good match across the dot (except for the geo's) was totally respectable, but that does not seem to translate into significant offers on them. On the geos, neither traffic nor offers of any size resulted. I will be interested in your plans for these good match across dot names, whether you plan to hold them.

    Re the geo's, while the experience with .miami may be the same as other geo based new gTLDs, isn''t it possible that in the same way different country codes have very different investment perspectives, the same is true of different geo new gTLDs and that some might be more effectively promoted and received than others? Were all of yours in .miami I take it?

    Thanks again for sharing this information. Your long experience and leadership in domains, and your openness to try new things, makes your voice and important one to listen to.

  11. myfavorite

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    Thanks for making out time to gather such info and sharing.
  12. lolwarrior

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    I enjoyed the video. It is a fresh and informative content from an investor who actually owns large portfolio of hight quality new gTLDs, is testing them with great interest, and alteady passed few renewals cycles, so he can speak from direct experience.

    The information about earnings of some new gTLD names is something which is very unusual and very kind to share, as no one will tell you their highest performers (competition among domainers is huge here, as we can imagine everyone would like to pay few bucks, and get hundreds of dollars per month or per year via parking in return. And it is possible, IF you have at least some knowledge what works, while you can get this knowledge only via testing of actual names, there are no shortcuts, imo).

    The information that some 2 worders in (this case in .miami) are not getting much traffic is not surprising, as strong 1 worders are usually way to go for new gTLDs, definitely. But it is great that it was tested.

    Regarding geo based new gTLDs, I admit that I personally have not invested in any of them. The reason for me was that any geo based extension naturally limits pool of end users usually to those living in that geo and I prefer to invest in names with as much broad end user base as possible, because you are simply getting offers from whole world. from various countries. Saying that, some Geos are doing much better then another ones, there are dozens of factors in play. In addition, there are some very good keywords still available (or already dropped) for regular renewal fee at the moment of writing, but again, while availability is one positive factor, natural geo limitation of end user pool must be considered as strong opposite factor if you consider it as an domain investment. Again, usually only testing (when you actually registert bunch of domain names) will give you more info, as if someone discovers some profitable niche/geo combos, they will naturally not tell others exact details so the others get a free ride without effort.

    There were planned price increases for domain names of leading registry mentioned: that is the fact, while it is also my experience that good choice of registrars can have much larger impact for our costs, and can eliminate a lot from pressure which comes from any price increase coming from registry. Basically, this is valid for almost any new gTLD extension, as pricing differences between various registrars worldwide is enormous (for those who are new this, consult sources like, and you will see we are not speaking about some 10%-15%, but we speak really about 200%-500% differences in pricing for some new gTLD extensions). So it is extremely important to do regular price shopping using various registrars worldwide, and using renewal promotions, particularly for large portfolio holders.

    In general, video is very appreciated, thanks :)
  13. JayT


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    ^"10%-15%, but we speak really about 200%-500% differences in pricing for some new gTLD extensions)."

    Frank shilling went for 1000%+ over night. How can domainer keep up then? He RIPPED them away from us! I recommended stay away from uniregistery because of this.
  14. Alessandro Couteau

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    Speak for yourself ;)

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