Final Thoughts: 1st Asheville Domain Investor Meetup

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    Rick Schwartz may have stumbled upon a diamond in the rough as he says, "go back into show" organizing the 1st Asheville Domain Investor Meetup held in Asheville, North Carolina from Aug 1st through Aug 3rd.

    Unlike the typical domain investing conference, the 1st Asheville Domain Investor Meetup followed an "unconference model" format aimed at brining professional domain name investors together without the hurried pace and nose of a traditional trade show.

    With limited registration, approximately 80 or so domain professionals sold out the event, which started with a 25 person cap. However, 50 or persons attended, including my wife and I, and it was certainly worth every penny professionally and personally.

    While there were many conversations had and activities engaged in throughout the event, the "working luncheon" held on Friday was quite beneficial for many reasons, especially noting and listening to Mike Berkens speak in regards to his real data analysis of new gTLDs.

    If you missed this opportunity, there is likely going to be another in Asheville next year and there could also surface a South Florida meetup. Either location has yet to be finalized, but are likely to happen based on an impromptu polling of the room at the end of Friday's luncheon.

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