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Successful domain name investors put a lot of thought into the emails they send to end users. The email body is important, but the email subject is even more important if you want to improve your chances at a sale. In fact, until the email is actually clicked on and opened, I would go as far to say that the quality of the subject is even more important than the quality of the domain name. If you don’t have a catchy subject line, your email will likely be deleted or ignored. An unopened email equals an unsold domain name. Let’s look at some tips for creating effective email subjects when selling domain names to end users...
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The subject line of your email is essential because it's the first thing the recipient will see. Therefore, you want to ensure that it's catchy and relevant to the rest of your email. In addition, a good subject line will attract the recipient to open your email, while a lousy subject line will cause them to delete it without even reading it. So, prepare a good subject line for your email.


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Put the recipient's first name in the subject line and add a question, that's a sure way to improve your open-rate. John, interested? I get more opens with this method, but only one sale so far.
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