The First Italian Domain Conference – Barletta Sept 30, 2016

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    The first italian Domain Conference, promoted by with the cooperation of and, took place in the lovely town of Barletta (Apulia, southern Italy) on september 30th, The event gathered a selection of italian Investors and domainers to discuss the current market and consolidate relationships and friendships.

    Nidoma’s founder Simone Ferracuti (ex Sedo Italian country manager) with teammates Angela Ioppollo and Alessia Pota were perfect hosts while among the attendees we spotted some “living legends” of italian domaining, well known also abroad such as Antonio Frezza e Graziano De Berardinis fresh to hit the italian top sale ever with sold for 400,000 euros few weeks ago, (more details on this record sale will be available in the next domain sales report out in the next days), Carmelo Inzerilli founder of, the very first italian backordering public service, Francesco Merenda from Agonet, Stefano Loberti from Algorithmedia, Paolo De Gregorio from, Giovanni Ceglia from, Massimo Cuomo from Internetting, Matteo Foschi and Michela Carbonaro from, Michele Urbano from, Marco Falconi (, Antonio Ruggiero, Paolo Lorenzi in the double role of net investor and reporter, and (last but not least!;)) myself Mirko Scotti from

    During the meeting was revealeed the Top 10 list of .it domain sales: € 400k 300k 196k 121k 100k 77k 55k 55k 50k xx (Nda)

    The session was opened by Nidoma’s CEO and founder Simone Ferracuti who detailed their launch of a “buy it now” new sale channel build in partnership with Sedo MLS and Aruba.This new system offered by Nidoma will give a broader visibility to domains for sale at fixed price on, one of the most popular italian registrar and Nidoma’s parent company.

    Roberto Manno, attorney at a law firm specialized in UDRP, brand and intellectual property protection and operating both in Italy and abroad, talked about how the failing of NIC in updating rules and UDRP procedures has been affecting domain owners’ rights and lead to unsustainable conflicts of interest in some arbitration panels.

    For this purpose the assembly agreed about the need to set an organization/association of web investors and domainers, with the purpose to assist and help the NIC in updating to the new market condition rules and procedures and try to gain a more balanced position for Respondents which are underdog in current UDRP complaints.
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    Nice to see events like this also in Italy.

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