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The Royal Tit-Watching (Ornithological) Society Of Britain, a highly respected ornithological association, once used a very non-scientific domain - Nice-Tits.org. Apparently ornithologists are also capable of appreciating female beauty.
Dickson isn't doing anything wrong, just making temperature, humidity and pressure monitoring devices, but their domain is hard to relate to such innocent activity DicksOnWeb.com.
But the company Choose Spain, which organizes weekends in Spain, judging by the domain ChoosesPain.com is ready to include in the tour package the most unusual wishes of tourists.
ViagraFix.com (ViaGrafix), a software company, existed quietly and unashamedly until the famous pills came along. Now the company calls itself Learn2.
TeacherStalk.com, a community of teachers and students, apparently wants to teach how to sneak up on a teacher. So, just in case.
The small, quiet town of Winters publishes its own newspaper, the Winters Express, whose website domain is more appropriate for an adult website, WinterSexPress.com.
Auctions Hit is one of the many variants of eBay. But it's not clear what the domain AuctionShit.com is alluding to? The quality of the lots?
A company engaged in scaffolding (scaffold erection) and dismantling works has chosen a mammoth as its symbol, which has had a very ambiguous effect on the domain MammothErection.com.
The domain of the New York State's Canals Corporation site, NYCAnal.com, was eventually changed to canals.ny.gov for you-know-what reasons.
There is also a "couch store" in New Zealand called But That's Not All. The website is ButtHatsNotAll.co.nz. Do they really have any Butt Hats on sale?
Childrens' Wear apparently believes that without their products, cute kids will start swearing in profanity, as their website domain - ChildrenSwear.co.uk - hints at.
I don't even want to think about what prompted Cumbria Storage Systems to name its website CumStore.co.uk.
Alter's recycling division is very aptly named AltersCrap.com.
The Who Represents website is an information base about the agents of various pop and movie stars. The domain of their site demonstrates some people's attitude to show business - whorepresents.com.
Pen Island, a site that offers pens and other stationery, has acquired a very funny domain penisland.net.
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