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  1. xynames

    xynames PRO VIP

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    Another member, a prominent one since 2011, messaged me and let me know that he's leaving the forum, that he wouldn't even be there to receive my response.

    Although I might be wrong, I get the feeling that others are taking a break too, or considering doing so.

    I considered putting someone on Ignore, not because his content is objectionable, but because I consider this person's content to be often based on theory not experience and something that I might feel compelled to criticize again, and I don't want to go down either of those paths - ignoring, or wasting time criticizing what I consider to be often less than useful content, because the fact of the matter is, that this person does occasionally come in with neutral or even useful content too.

    But the primary reason I'm taking a break is that it has quickly ramped up to where any post might be misunderstood and deleted, or sanctioned. It wasn't like that just as recently as a month ago, but what's going on right now with deleting posts and such is really a bit much. I'm not interested in walking on eggshells in a business forum.

    When the smoke blows over, I'll be back. I think taking a break is the most mature way to deal with all this. I don't expect to be gone that long, this is not meant to be a big deal. But I guess I felt it important enough to let the community know that someone else has already left, in his case, he says, for good.
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  2. JB Lions

    JB Lions Top Contributor VIP

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    I was actually going to start a thread in the NP Suggestion Forum about NP going back to the over moderation days. And, I too know somebody who has left. I told Eric I would be more in Read Only mode because of recent events. Here are some issues:

    Threads tend to self moderate. One thread was butchered that led to all this recent drama.

    That was done because "antagonistic" posts. If you're worried about that, that's exactly what over moderation does.

    I've seen people today use words like participation trophy, big brother, me too movement etc. That's not good.

    I've seen suggestions from one member on how to post. If you have an opinion, start with "In My Opinion" as if adults can't differentiate that on their own.

    This part "where any post might be misunderstood and deleted, or sanctioned" I have the Infraction thread, where I still don't know what's wrong with it. I'm given a suggestion on how to rewrite my post so it's deemed ok.

    Then we have this downvote, dislike nonsense. Adults trying to find which word is less hurtful to people.

    It's straight ridiculous.

    If mods want to break this off to it's own thread in the Suggestion forum ok.
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  3. hawkeye

    hawkeye Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    3,876 want your sympathy thread too. ;) :-P LOL! (it's worked before!)
  4. D Haynes

    D Haynes Top Contributor VIP

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    The whole world is going in the same direction.

    Common sense seems to be a rare commodity these days.
  5. NYJimbo

    NYJimbo Domain Re-Animator VIP

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    I have almost 100 people on ignore. I am here for me, not them.

    Why leave ? Ignore people you don't like and keep going.
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  6. karmaco

    karmaco Top Contributor VIP

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    If the forum continues on this playing the victim mode and the word police I will be in read only mode as well. If they are going to punish people for being skeptical when no proof is provided on outrageous claims that’s where I draw the line.

    A rule should be in place you have to prove a sale if you start one of these I sold blah names on its own thread. That would eliminate a lot of problems.

    It’s sad to see members who have been here a decade getting in trouble and leaving because someone got their feelings hurt.
  7. Jv1999

    Jv1999 Spamming Exo: Dark Merc of the Exo-Tower VIP

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    If this is a business forum as you say, then I don't understand why ppl would think it's wrong to be tact?

    I mean, you don't see professionals wearing suits yelling at each other in a business workplace. They let emotions stay silent and act and speak purely on professional courtesy and manners.

    But that is not nP. This is a forum where we can buy and sell domains, but we also share information informally.

    But enjoy your break xy!
  8. Jv1999

    Jv1999 Spamming Exo: Dark Merc of the Exo-Tower VIP

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    You can legit criticize people and ask skeptical questions. The point is to do so with something called politeness... holy shiz..

    They're not going to delete your post if you legit say:

    "Oh, I was wondering if you had more info about your sail. It seems a little difficult to believe. May I ask if you could provide an undeveloped receipt?"
  9. equity78

    equity78 Top Member TheDomains Staff PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    There is a new rule

    Not too long ago, we did add a rule that prohibits threads from being created solely for that purpose:

    • Rule 2.6. Do not create a thread solely for the purpose of reporting a sale unless at least the item’s full name (e.g., domain name or business name) and exact sale price are shared within it. The exception to this rule is showcase threads where everyone can share partial details about their sales (e.g., “the name starts with insurance and sold for $XX,XXX”) in the same thread (not limited to 1 showcase thread but rule 1.13 applies).
    Of course, it’s possible for threads to be created that get around this rule, but it has helped.
  10. frank-germany

    frank-germany domainer since 2001 / musician VIP

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    ignore feature gives peace of mind

    I'll miss you
  11. NamePros has had the rules and expectations of respect and constructiveness for over 4 years, nothing's changed here. It's always been enforced the same by me and others since then.

    See you when you get back! We'll still be expecting the same level of professionalism at namePros. ;)

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