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    Does it make sense to try to park certain names at certain places? For example, if name xyz has been selling well at a given marketplace , (per NameBio) does it make any sense to park your similar name(s) at that same place?

    Thank you for your input.
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    Does it make sense to try to park certain names at certain places?

    The small number of people looking for a certain business related domain may have already acted. To me it makes sense to go where there is literally no competition (doing something new and different), but the early days can be honestly pretty lonely.
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    I would say it is certainly not a bad strategy, target sales where the buyers are most likely to (minus outbound sales to them directly)be looking. Your best option would be to list your names at as many markets as you possibly can, to maximize exposure. You will need to pick one market (per name) to be it's primary and the only one with a but it now option. You dont want to sell it to 2 different people on 2 different markets at the same time. So, the rest are make offers, but you have it listed everywhere. Good Luck, Brian

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