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  1. Lovecraft

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    This is my latest project and I'm putting up for review.
    Sutured.com is a website that sells surgical equipments online. We also have a blog at sutured.com/blog where we share surgery tips, techniques and videos.

    Kindly check it out and let me know what you think about it.

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  2. wordpressdony

    wordpressdony New Member

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    Hi there,

    The site is elegant looking and pretty professional BUT need to still some tasks... I like to listed...
    1. You must add a "Home" menu for home-page
    2. Add a professional logo & favicon
    3. Add more information in the footer section
    4. As it's an eCommerce site, so you must do SSL integration
    5. As site providing services, so may add google map in the footer area
    6. Site's page speed is very slow, you must speed up
    7. Must integrate social media, at list FB page & TWR account
  3. ivbran

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    Actually no need for more Home buttons
    Current logo in a form of text is just fine.
    Footer is just fine as well. Keep it simple.
    SSL is a great advice.
    Social media is not a must, depends on audience you are targeting and how do you reach them.
  4. WatchDogue

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    I pursued the Home page and decided to read a blog article on the Home page.

    Clicked on each of the three " read more " icons and none of the " read more " icons returned their respective blog article.

    Instead the bog articles on the Home page were accessible by clicking the respective photographs for each article.

    If the " read more " button was intended to return the respective article on the Home, for me it didn't work on Safari.

    By clicking the accompanying photograph I did read one article in depth - and it appeared to be a well written and contemporary article.

    I found the typeface color " too light " for my reading comfort, particularly in the Home page testimonial boxes.

    Overall ,following a quick visit Sutured appears to be a nice site and, agree with the previous commenters re SSL.
  5. cipcip

    cipcip Owner of TutorialIndex.com VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    The links on the home page that were supposed to go to the blog, do not go there. Read more link goes to home page, only if you click on the photo, it goes to the article.

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