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Thasreefa P M

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I received a notification today, from SH regarding the policy change for coin submissions. This was the message :

"We are thrilled to announce a significant policy change regarding Coin Submissions for Premium Listings. We introduced an AI grading tool a while back, which scans your Standard Listings and provides suggestions for potential premium listings.
Today, we are excited to launch AI Grader 2.0, offering even more accurate assessments for premium domains. As a result, if you submit any Standard Listings recommended by AI and they do not make it to the Premium category, we will automatically refund your coins.
Previously, sellers had to use 10 coins, on average, to get one domain approved, with an approval rate of just 10%. However, a few months ago, we introduced the AI grading tool, which improved the approval rate to 40% for AI graded domains. This meant that sellers only had to spend an average of 4 coins per approved listing.
Now, with AI Grader 2.0, starting today, sellers will only need to spend an average of 1 coin per approved listing when utilizing this method. This represents a 10X reduction in the number of coins required to submit premium domains.
Learn more about the AI Based Domain Asssessment Tool ".

I think its gonna be useful to get more premium listings on SH using less coins. What's your thoughts on this?
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