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  1. Brian Klug

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    A lot of my domain sales and inquiries happen via people typing in the domain and going to the landing page.

    When a sale happens on Squadhelp, I have no idea if this is a) a user of Squadhelp browsing names, searching, etc. and choosing one of my names or b) someone just typed the domain in their browser (never even heard of Squadhelp before), and simply clicks "buy".

    Since I purchased the domain, I feel like any traffic that comes in via that method ought to have a vastly different commission structure. What do people think about this?

    Bundling a logo with the domain complicates it a tiny bit, but honestly how much are they paying for logos anyway? Logo cost will be less than 1% of the domain sale for sure.

    If the domain sells on Squadhelp from someone coming in on the domain landing page (easy to track) I feel like commission should be in the 5% to 10% range instead of the typical 30%-35% range.

    Not to mention, I'm probably sending free traffic to Squadhelp all the time, people might type in one of my domains, end up on Squadhelp and buy another domain marketed there.
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  2. korganian

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    I agree.
  3. hawkeye

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    Gotta chalk it up to the perils of using a third party platform! Their platform, their rules. If you feel you're getting the bulk of sales from direct type-ins, then maybe you should get your own domain marketplace site. (DomainMarketPro or Efty) You'll save a bundle on commissions (!?), you'll have more control over every aspect of your domains, and get the traffic.
  4. karmaco

    karmaco Top Contributor VIP

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    I am sure many many sales on all brandable platforms are from type in traffic. That’s the price of doing business- you pay their commission. It doesn’t matter how the sale happened. If this is of concern, you obviously have other options.

    With higher quality names, you have to ask yourself if you could sell it on your own for their suggested price or more.If the answer is yes you should try to sell those on your own.

    To me, the brandable sites are for names that can benefit from that exposure not names that could easily sell anywhere. Some people don’t want to deal with negotiations so they just pay the price for that too.
  5. D Haynes

    D Haynes Top Contributor VIP

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    I've asked about the first part of this in the SH review thread and got no answer.

    As @hawkeye said, if you use their platform you have to play by their rules so to speak which is fine by me but they imo they should at least give you a break down of traffic so you can see how much traffic they are sending your domains. That way you can work out whether or not you gain anything from listing with them.

    My guess is that they don't show you this information because the harsh truth is that listing names with them hardly has any benefits at all otherwise they'd want to show off what they're doing for you.

    For example if a name was getting say 10 visits a day from type in traffic and 30 a day from their site search etc they'd be chomping at the bit to tell you they'd quadrupled your hits.
  6. urlurl

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    benefits of running a marketplace - there are bound to be sales just because someone wanted that name

    it is, what it is

    you make the decision if you want to use those marketplaces to sell your names
  7. sellnow

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    Marketplace like autopilot business, its doesn't matter how much they set commission as long as they still relevant to help us sell domain.

    May be they set 9,% 10 %, 15 % ,20 % , 30 % or 50 % commission, its still good when they could send us passive income.
  8. Josh R

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    This is exactly why selling extensively on one of these marketplaces is a massive mistake IMO.
  9. Brian Klug

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    Also relevant to this discussion: Namerific has been one of these marketplaces where you DIDN'T have to point the domain to their sales page.

    But a couple days ago their support person tells me I need to point the domain to the sales page -- a complete contradiction to their own documentation.

    I e-mailed the main [email protected] address and asked about this and they say:

    "We are in the process changing our policy, such that the new domains listed in Namerific must be forwarded to Namerific sales page"

    IMHO, just more data point suggesting they are making money from traffic we generate to them as opposed to their own site being the one to generate sales for us. I'm not doing that. Let's see if they delist 'em, which is fine with me.
  10. Welberch

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    Use Epik or Efty for lower commission.
  11. Brian Klug

    Brian Klug Upgraded Member Gold Account Blue Account

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    Yes, I am using Efty for most everything. And also list on Afternic, Sefo, Flippa, and Godaddy Auctions.

    Just that some domains are also on Namerific. But if Namerific is serious about demanding the domains point to their own sales page that will end my relationship with them.

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