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  1. Zilla

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    Siting in a McDonald, decide to write something....just for a personal record, but of course, if u also have intresting for read and comments, it will be more than welcome..

    let's start from here, everyone know McDonald, this is a non-keyword brand, they not call themself they call themself hamburger, what a bored brand imo. .

    so, why we as domainer always think key words is important?Say, I am going to start a game design company, I may choose to name it, I think it may much better than from a brand perspective...( the reality is both of them are great name owning by some big player may be, I just use them as a example, and i am also not going be a CEO of small game design company ....)

    so, I feel very interesting to observe, what will happen for those key word domain...give an exampke, I noticed while all people talking crypto or token, then huge xxxxcrypto or cryptoxxx been reged, base on what I just said, a crypto company not necessary call themself crypto or token, they can call themself as an what the meaning domainer reg do many cryptoxxxx?most of them may very possible just flipp between domainer..I have to be totally wrong , the reason I think in this way maybe only because I dont own any token names...or other popular niche like hemp, robot...etc

    anothers thinking is I do have a feel the world is different then before, also different country are in different phase, which need been aware and keep in mind...

    1. cctld in big country is well establishef or even UK, if u use .com as a local company, may be kind of wired, all AD at street is, in China, if use .cn, it is well accepted, same as .com...people feel quite good.

    2. internet moving from web to app , and the major volume is stay on top apps instead different website, compare with 10 years before, less people or web master try to build website as before...lots of SMB only runing their business on big platform instead on their own website...another thing need aware is , different country seems have different senario, like in different phase.

    3. ngtld is step by step been aware by public, but is really realy slow, I don't see any possibilty any of them can well accepted by normal public in next 5-10 .com still and will be the king until no need of domain....while .ngtld may only work for very limited words according to different extension...of course, this already good enough for smart investor to generate great money.(thats why some famous domainer so happy with what they hold on gtld ).bu if u already be careful.

    so, what I shoud do... base on my own finacial and timing status...

    1. keep focus on brandable

    2. Lean and optimize the small and smart given the limited budget

    3. long run only, do not try to flip for small $, too time consumption...need manage my time better.

    4. build 3~5 site for fun is enough...dont use this as a reason or execuse to buy more domain...I need control myself....

    5. start a real meaningful blog in my own professional a mission of new year...
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  2. Internet.Domains

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    Actually, the internet is moving to web apps. To be more exact they are called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Think of PWA's as an app in the cloud accessed via a domain.
  3. Zilla

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    PWA, yes, I expected some cool tech really developped, can make browser still #1 application in mobile era....I think what I want said is actually while people move from PC to mobile, native app have better position than the website need visiting via this moment....I means.

    PWA need Browser to visit, right?I understand it kind of rich functional website design as mobile first, correct?
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  4. kam

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    keywords domain is important, because people will know what's your business is about without click in the link / website.

    let's say when you see the domain name
    You will know it's all about cars and it will not about cats.

    Just my 2 cents.

  5. Zilla

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    Yes, @kam I may totally wrong, just my personal preference, I dont like this type of keywords name to be my own company brand, but it may still a good name for website, I more prefer brand w.o key words, just like I said, a company sell hambuger not neccesary call themself even is such relative and to the point, I just feel kind of bored

    similar, a search engine company not call themself, they call themself google....😉
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  6. Internet.Domains

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  7. NameDeck

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    I agree on the fact that keyword domains have become less important and that there has been a big shift towards brandables.

    Keyword domains were only popular because of the way search engines would rank them but things changed. The only dictionary word domains that still hold great value these days are the ones that can easily be used as a brand name (imo).

    Keyword domains can still be used in marketing and add to the cool factor ofcourse :). There's a reason why a lot of great keyword domains remain unsold. Not because they're bad domains but because there's less to be gained from by endusers.

    I noticed pace/makers/com being advertised here. Great domain but it would hold literally zero value to a manufacturer. Just an example to make my point.
  8. Dave

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    Domain names don't have to be used for a company name alone. They can be used for marketing and similar purposes too.

    Let's use Pig as an example. Pig are a company who develop mobile games and apps.

    Domains like means WHO we are, as in the company name.

    Domains like or means WHAT we offer. Pig could use these names for redirects to pig and they can be used alongside in advertising their brand.

    Another example could be Sense. A company that specialises in relaxation products and therapies, like massage oils.

    Again means WHO we are. means WHAT we sell.

    Sense also have a third type of domain, a call to action. for example, that they use for promotional campaigns from time to time.

    My point being that whilst brandables are the most likely for naming a company, don't disregard keywords or call to actions because they still have their place.
  9. Zilla

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    @Dave thanks for the detail sharing, I agree and appreciate what u mention who we are vs what we sell...nice summary...

    as I said, what I write is mainly from personal strategy view on what kind name I like to focus...base on my own language, profession, budgting, timing...etc

    it is nice we can discuss and share the
  10. Bob Hawkes

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    I like your call to personal action @Zilla and most of your list would apply to most domainers. Self-reflection almost always yields benefits.

    Fantastic contribution @Dave. Your insights on three possible uses for domains by businesses are valuable. I think it is totally appropriate that some choose to concentrate on one or the other, but it is important to realize that domains find use for all three. Going forward, I think we will see a trend toward companies using more domains for the product line and calls to action uses. Thanks.

  11. MR Harrist

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    Diversification is not bad idea! if I have talent developing games, meanwhile I have talent with SEO and blogging, and love to buy domain! why not try all! esp, if I have decent budget! :xf.grin:

    what I will do is, buy domain for my blog, writes something useful, build PBN, get pageone! I get money from adsense, buy hand reg! or buy decent domain that underpriced! after time goes by, I am sure, some people will buy my domain!:xf.grin: if domain profit are good enough, hire people and build teams, to create good games! make it beta, and if have good progress, tell investor! I am sure investor don't mind invest milions of dollar if we have potential games! :xf.grin: afterall, investor money will loose with or without investing! :xf.grin: lol
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  12. .X.

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    there is no one solid answer from your choices, keeping your portfolio diversified is very important IMO, keyword names, brandable names, development, and then backing your portfolio with liquid names. just as our countries currencies must be backed by precious metals and ect, your domain portfolio needs the same backing IMO, liquid domains can keep your portfolio chart steady.

    Use your strongest skills to benchmark your existence in the domain industry and always remember your time is money, so make sure in whatever endeavors you venture into to make sure that your time is accounted for and you are paid for your time taken when selling names, websites, apps.
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  13. Recons.Com

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    Keyword ones can be robust and work both as WHO and What we do.

    Just check out Coupon(s).com and Magazine(s).com
  14. Abdullah Abdullah

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    The other day, I was participating in a contests on naming platform Squad Help. I submitted some short 5 letter domains and 3 keywords and forgot about it. The CH was liking the names but then he changed the rating for most of the madeup names and I asked him what happened? He said he does like madeup names but due to not having big budget to market his business, he would prefer a keyword name. So as you can see, you need money to push completely madeup names to make them standout, he specially said I dont have big pockets like the Google's and Amazon's to push a brand with a name up name.

    This is why keywords do matter.

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