So you are good in Hand Registering Domain names?

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    When people say they have great success hand registering domain names, they don't realize that it is not helpful to anybody except bragging about how good they are.

    Imagine you are very good in hand registering domains. Which means you are making more than average from your hand registered domains. Which means money is not a problem. Or you can afford to buy XXX, XXXX domain names in the auctions

    Being that Hand reggable domains are the proverbial needle in the Hay Stack, that have slipped under everybody's radar, it also means that somebody who has the skills to pick gems from Deleted domains has the skills to Pick even more Gems from the Pending delete stream?

    So what is stopping him from using a Cheap Backorder service without risking the chance of the domain slipping the drop catchers?

    Instead of spending a few hours one day in a week filtering the pending delete list and putting in Cheap Backorders, you will wait everyday for the drop and than frantically hand register them?

    I mean why would you do that?

    I want to hear from the Hand Reg experts.
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    It's the thrill of the hunt.
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    Now there is no arguing that :)

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