...and handed over to NewVCorp (Notorious New Ventures Services, a SHELL company owned by the Web dot com conglomerate).

Please note that this domain was NOT expired (the expiration date is TODAY, February 10, 2015); it is against ICANN's rules to steal unexpired domains and keep them for themselves and their shell companies.

Irene, the owner of SignetMonogramming.com, is NOT a domainer, but an end user, operating a business other than domaining. She is now using the .net version, which SUCKS big time because she will lose important traffic due to .com bleed.

Irene posted comments on both Scamful (my site, no ads) and Dot Weekly:

We can no longer stick our heads in the sand; it's mostly end users being ripped off, and they tend to just give up, given that they don't understand their rights or don't know how to proceed.

It's up to us -- mostly the bigwigs who seem to have more clout -- to bring such shenanigans out in the open.

I have been complaining for months about these crooks.

I'm glad to see you think yourself as a bigwig, @Ms Domainer. I mostly consider myself an earwig :) But joking aside, if NetSol are now stealing live domains from their own customers... were all doomed (sorry for the levity), it is one reason NOT to use NetSol. Actually, cannot think of 1 good reason to use NotSol. Their prices are high, their control panel is very confusing, their support is frustratingly awful, they have been prone to having domains stolen, and now they steal your domains. Why would anybody choose to use them, or trust them, apart from ignorance?
All I can say: before I got into the domaining industry, I knew nothing about Whois (or even how to access it).

My first domains were at Network Solutions because they were (at the time) the leading registrar, and, as far as I knew, the ONLY registrar.

Then I discovered the inexpensive Go Daddy...

The point is, most end users -- small business owners -- are not well-versed in domain protocol (such as it is). I don't think we can blame them for that, but we can help educate them, and, perhaps, show them that we are not scumbag squatters, but people like them.
Get everyone to sent a tweet to Jim Furyk the nice PGA golfer sponsored by web.com. He's a nice guy... you never know?
Be fun to see if we can blast someone and make something happen....I'm good for a mini-twitter revolt.. lol

Doesn't appear to have a Twitter account... have to find someone else, perhaps strongly worded letters the old fashioned way.
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