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Girish Kumar

GRV Domains
Domain registered for 1 year with .com extension. Expires on 2020-04-12
Estimated value is $1,116
price evaluation for Reselling is $1,750 to $2,000, with Super premium domain potential End user value at $21,500
Valuable keyword: cryptos is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $2488.
Popular keyword: show is a widely used keyword.
Memorable: showcryptos.com is easy to remember
Keyword "show" has average monthly search of 110,000
Keyword "crypto" has average monthly search of 12,100
Domain is valued at $1,116 by Go Daddy
"Cryptos" has an estimated value of $16,972
"show" has an estimated value of more than $25,000
Good Extension: .com is an established extension
Very Short: short domains are more memorable
The domain will sell to the highest bidder | The auction will be ended at any time with BIN
The domain name is with namecheap and push to another namecheap account. Share the namecheap username and email id to complete the transfer

High Premium Domain sold on Crypto:

CryptoWorld.com - $195,000
CryptoBank.com - $125,000
CryptoRate.com - $99,888
CryptoNews.com - $50,536
CryptoTrading.com - $35,000

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totalcrypto.com Sold for $1,525

Starting Bid $15
No Reserve Auction
Bid increase: +$3
Auction Ends in 96 Hours (2nd November 2019 23:25 hours IST)

Payment mode accepted:
Flippa Escrow
Bitcoin payment accepted

Good Luck!!
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