Showcase domains you Reg because you got stuck on a KEYWORD!

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    We've all been there. Whether it's a crypto domain or gambling domain or some new technology like VR or AR or a hot piece real estate that just became very expensive or even just "oldie buy a goodie" keyword that some people just missed but you felt there were still some unregged domains?

    Please share those here.

    The more crazy you went with regging this keyword in patterns like below the better.

    Share your "Adventures" in domaining. That feeling that "wow I can't believe no one regged this!"

    We've all been there.
    (Geo/real estate) keyword + (meaning adding an S at the end of some geographic location that is valuable real estate.

    Keyword+ Dot (Any other extension available besides .com)

    I can keep going but you get the idea. Share you experience with this strategy or method or failures.


    I'll start with my recent ones. (Free URDP Advice/downloadable pdf/info) (when you are screwed and need the best URDP lawyer around) (Same as above)

    URDP is a word most domainers know and like most people fear divorce or IRS Audit.

    URDP is like poop. no one likes to handle it but someone eventually has to. That's why garbage men and sewer men and plumbers get paid big bucks. To do what other people would rather not.

    That's where URDP Lawyers come into the picture. and they aren't cheap I bet.

    URDP is like a car crash. It doesn't happen every time but when it does happen on occasion there is money to be made defending such situations.

    Who is the BEST URDP lawyer out there?

    so what's your "I went crazy with a keyword" domains list?
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