Should anyone even be selling covid19,covid-19,coronavirus domains on namepros right now?

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    this is crazy. as someone that's being chewed to bits right now for such domains.

    Should any domainer really even try to sell such domains on Namepros? I think you guys see them on here popping up in the threads.

    It's like trying to sell steaks or pork chops at a PETA convention.

    Is this nuts or what? I mean I wasn't even actively selling my domains like this on Namepros.

    anything with "corona" or "Coronavirus" or "covid19" or "covid-19"?

    I gotta admit some people have got some big coconuts! lol

    The ones I regged don't even have landing pages. Never got around to them because too busy preparing as best I can for my family for this pandemic.

    but just in case. if anyone is trying to sell on here. I gotta ask.

    is anyone buying? secretly or publicly? on here?

    no need to name names. I'm sure such deals happen in PM's.

    I'm sure people are curious. or maybe just me.

    I suspect no one is buying and the only result for trying to sell on here is just predictable so why even bother? You'll end up not selling but end up hated.

    From one domainer to another. Heed my warning. You all know what happened to me already.

    JUST STOP. It's not worth it. Either Listen or Ignore. or at the very least go by the current trending saying right now.

    "An Abundance of Caution" is best. Be safe all.

    One last thing to ram the point home. As a domainer seeing these domains being posted in NP for sale.

    how do you feel about them? how would you feel about the domainer posting them moving forward? would it change how you deal with them in the future? or does it not change anything for you?

    would be interesting to see the replies.
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  2. bmugford

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    I really don't care what people are offering for sale, but people dealing in these have to realize there is going to be a certain portion that sees this as anything from sleazy to predatory. I don't think it is really going to help anyone's credibility.

    I personally have no interest dealing in this field during a time of crisis while the world is falling apart and people are dying.

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  3. Samer

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    In short, no.

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  4. NotFromBayArea

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    Imagine caring about what NPers think about you! :woot:
  5. MasterOfMyDomains

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  6. bmugford

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    I got this email from SEDO earlier today -

    We are writing to inform you that the domain name(s) listed below has been
    suspended from the Sedo website and services due to a potential violation
    of our acceptable use policies. You can find more information on Sedo
    terms and conditions and domain listing policies under the Policies menu

    While Sedo strives to protect user rights to the exercise of free speech
    and maintain a marketplace with a vibrant and diverse collection of domain
    names, Sedo must also work to protect our staff, customers and the public
    from domain names that are inappropriate for Sedo services, contain
    illegal subject matter or that promote hatred, child pornography, etc.

    As the domain owner, it is your sole responsibility to ensure your domain
    listings do not violate Sedo acceptable use standards. Users who
    continually attempt to list for sale or park domains in violation of Sedo
    policy risk suspension or cancellation of their Sedo account.

    In the course of removing violating domains from the Sedo system there is
    the possibility that a permissible domain may be suspended due to the
    inclusion of certain keywords or character strings. If you have any
    questions about this decision or feel that it was made in error, please
    contact the Sedo Legal Department at [email protected].

    Best regards,

    Your Sedo Team

    This domain has absolutely nothing to do with -

    1.) The virus.
    2.) The beer brand.

    This is an area outside Tucson, Arizona.,_Arizona
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  7. biggie

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    Pity that happened @bmugford,
    but it shows a reactionary decision, without consideration, based on a keyword.

    seems like every news station and some companies have their own covid or corona site or url subdomain which they promote on tv or radio

    they may be public service ads,
    but number of viewers/listeners = market share, which = $ and usage of keyword is there.
    and you can bet advertisers want to be in front of the eyes and in the ears of the public who are watching and listening.

    hey, if a sickness occurs, who pays for the meds, the bed and dr. bill?
    they didn't say they were gonna charge less for health care, unless I missed something-
    and ...
    since the cost was already inflated, prior to this pandemic....
    then who's still profiting?

    just saying....

  8. carob

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    I don't think there will be much interest in buying them.

    There have often been complaints about disaster domaining where people register for resale domains related to disasters like Fukushima.
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    that's a bit scary.

    is that automated maybe? like a bot just detecting all "corona" domains or "covid" domains?

    perhaps your next move is to explain to them it's not?

    I think it's more efficient for them to have a bot send out emails to all "corona" domains listed at Sedo.

    And if anyone has any issues they will contact Sedo.

    instead of Sedo using their resources to have someone manually check each "corona" domain and see if it passes that "sniff" test.

    Can't blame then really. wouldn't take it personal either.

    I'm sure they are right now undermanned. but I'm guessing you already contacted them and they said the domain is an "issue"?
  10. bmugford

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    Dear Brad,

    Thank you for your email.

    After review we have unblocked the domain for our market place and services.

    If you have any questions or further concerns, please let us know.

    Best regards,
    Tamara Lajesic
    Manager of Security and Compliance

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