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Shoes.com sold for $9M and doesn't resolve!

Labeled as discuss in General Domain Discussion started by Arpit131, Mar 13, 2019.


  1. topdom

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    It depends on your IP location.
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  2. eurorealtor

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    EU got cut off of many US websites due to GDPR, but some are getting back, for example BestBuy.com, most recently I was able to visit the US site. Before I could visit just Canadian or Mexican site. Another examples Lowes.com - access denied, Homedepot.com - works fine from EU.
  3. offthehandle

    offthehandle . Gold Account VIP

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    They probably block ip’s from countries they don’t do business in. Makes sense, they dont do business where I am at the moment, so I get forbidden also.
  4. BrandableDomain

    BrandableDomain Established Member

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    It would sure be interesting to know more about the number of defensive style registrations that take place, but I don’t know how you would research that!

    Your comment reminded me of the case of the acquisition of vacation.rentals.

    The new owner, Mike Kugler faced a challenge. HomeAway, probably his main competitor, had previously acquired the category killer name VacationRentals.com (as part of buying the established business.) So he needed a super premium domain to be in the game.

    Domain Name Wire said this about HomeAway buying the dot COM:

    “The CEO of the company in 2007, Brian Sharples, indicated that it was mostly to keep it out of its competitor’s hands and a big part of that was the domain name.”

    Vacation.rentals domain name sells for record $500,300


    Look forward to the write up about unused domains.
  5. offthehandle

    offthehandle . Gold Account VIP

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    T A X E S dot com 250k January sale parked

    O N C O L O G I S T dot com 14k parked

    I N S P E C T I O N dot com. 300k reported as sold to end user and parked one year recently explained for a future project? Was redirected for a short time to buyer.

    L E A D S dot com 435k parked

    S T O P dot com 110k does not resolve

    C R E T E dot com parking page

    I N V E S T I N G M O N E Y dot com does not resolve 55k

    T R A V E L dot A G E N C Y gd parking page

    C H O C O L A T E dot C o m reported sold recently 7 figure but still points to brokers ad page.

    C H A T S I T E S dot com 21k. Parked.

    At least C A L I F O R N I A dot com has a coming soon page.

    O L dot com 900k a resolves to a string of a bunch of stupid betting redirects.
  6. offthehandle

    offthehandle . Gold Account VIP

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    S M A R T D R U G S, C O O R D I N A T I ON, A B S ENC E, w i p e o u t,
    r e p o s s e s s i o n, t r a c e r o u t e, a b d u l, m y w e b s i t e, etc. parked or for resale. H o l o f o r m, a r c u s, s e o s e r v i c e, b a t t a l i o n, d o w n s i z e
  7. offthehandle

    offthehandle . Gold Account VIP

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    S U P E R resolves but a game place holder like website
    F I L E S placeholder non working splash page, launching 2019

    I n c e p t i o n parked 550k

    S t r e n g th has site, but every product seems to be out of stock. Clicked on 5.

    K u s h 500k, has a coming soon page, the smoking graphic is cool.

    P l a n t s coming soon

    C a l c u l a t o r 250k, and has a 1990’s look with calculators says 1996-current

    H y b r i d 190 parked for sale

    D E P O S I T 170k brokerage listed for sale

    S o u l m a t e 160k over a year ago. Coming soon!
  8. urljunkies

    urljunkies New Member

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    i do not like the godaddy and afternic site. i have a diverse portfolio any suggestions where I should list them?
  9. The CEO

    The CEO Established Member

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    Shoes.com has a website in it now.

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