SEVERAL EXTENTIONS WILL RISE IN PRICE SAYS Resellerclub (Publicdomainregistry) a.o. .INFO on 5 jan.

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    I got disturbing news in my mail.

    Afilias TLDs price revision

    We would like to bring to your attention on the upcoming registry price changes for TLDs. The revision of prices is due to a change in the cost price from the registry of the TLDs. The new prices will come into effect on 5th January 2021. You can view the new prices here =>
    New prices will be effective 5 January 2021

    All prices in USD
    TLD New Registration & Transfer Price New Renewal Price
    Base Slab $19.99 $20.39
    Slab 1 $19.49 $19.89
    Slab 2 $18.99 $19.39
    Slab 3 $18.49 $18.89

    TLD (All slabs) New Registration & Transfer Price New Renewal Price
    ARCHI $68.49 $68.89
    BET $17.49 $17.89
    BIO $64.49 $64.89
    BLACK $55.99 $56.39
    BLUE $17.49 $17.89
    KIM $17.49 $17.89
    LGBT $42.49 $42.89
    MOBI $20.49 $20.89
    PET $17.49 $17.89
    PINK $17.49 $17.89
    POKER $54.99 $55.39
    PRO $17.49 $17.89
    PROMO $17.49 $17.89
    RED $17.49 $17.89
    SHIKSHA $17.49 $17.89
    SKI $44.99 $45.39

    We urge you to change your prices on our before 5th of January 2021, to avoid any losses.

    Supersite file updates

    Over the past few weeks, we have modified and updated some Supersite files to optimize the current product offering. If you have made any changes to the following pages, please update the files mentioned below:
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  2. Gube

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    An affilias price increase, right after it was bought by Donuts.. :xf.confused:
  3. Domainstore

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    These are the slabs of resellers of Resellerclub. Resellers from Resellerclub like "", Rock, etc... among many others will have to use that pricing. And if they want to gain money ask even more putting their prices for customers.
    Every month though there are on a lot promotions for the first year. So lots of 1st years of the mentioned abovee will have promotions. But the renewals are enormous. It will kill some extentions.

    But .INFO is ENORMOUS for RENEWALS : Now it costs 2-4 USD promotion .info , but renewals will be at 20 USD or more in the future. This makes it nearly as expensive as .co (for renewals).

    We have still a bit more then a month or so for some domain renewals are now still priced lower then the above mentioned from 5th of january.
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  4. Top 4L [email protected] PRO VIP Gold Account

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    It's hard to do business today because of the outbreak,
    I think the registrar should lower the price.
    Rather than raising prices
  5. Samer

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    No, let them give us more reasons stay com

    Not sweating if .com renewal up up in 2021.
    COM that CHEAP! KING; one the cheapest! — This why continue to not take ngtlds seriously.
    at least ngtld renewal not up $xxx% to $xxxx%.
    Registries, Registrars bought out left and right.

    Good luck! Happy Thanksgiving all! stay safe.

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  6. youaintme

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    Who bought Afilias? Donuts or Domainers ? (Ofc, In-Installment)

    Our Association is working good, I think so.

    Just a personal opinion.
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  7. DigitalRoar

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    Good thing I don't own any of these .

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