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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Mine was not so great :( I've been running fevers on and off and have no energy. What's worse is no one brought me back a plate of food. Worst Thanksgiving in my entire life and this is my favorite holiday. Anyway, check out the domains I have for sale below. I have already registered them on Google and Bing. (These will need to be updated). Most of these are great for new shopping websites and others good for crypto currency websites. I have been working on I plan to have it ready by spring. Let me know if you have any questions and don't be afraid to make an offer!!
I came up with 'poppe' branded names on my own. If I had time to set them up, I would, but they are most definitely unique and will make you stand out from the rest. If you plan on buying all 3, I can give you a deal on them.

Thank you,
Becca G