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  1. erchaman

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    Hello everyone;
    There is a doubt that I still didn’t get solved.

    I usually get sales on a domain from the second month or more after purchasing. Never got a sale before 60 days once I registered. Yes, I’m still a novice here learning the ropes of domaining every day.

    My big question is, what do you do to flip domains or sell domains that has less than 60 days (domain lock) ?

    If a customer reaches you out and purchase you recent hand reg you just have 60 days lock, how do you manage this situation? Are you telling customer please wait for my domain unlock time or is there anything I am missing?

    I starting guess domain lock is for transfers and not for pushing?

    Learning from the best, thank you for reading.
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  2. karmaco

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    You can still sell. They just have to be ok with an internal registrar push.
  3. Bob Hawkes

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    1. I would first of all make sure they realize that there is a transfer restriction (e.g. in negotiation if a make offer situation, or in description if a BIN).
    2. Assuming they still want the domain name, I would urge them to accept it at the registrar that it currently is, stressing that they can totally use it and that does not preclude where their hosting plan is (and they can of course transfer it after 60 days if they want). Many end users do not understand push and transfer.
    3. I would, if they are unwilling to accept a push at the registrar, be willing to "hold" the domain name, i.e. taking it off for-sale, if they have given me something firm re the sale will happen on such and such date at agreed price. Probably not all agree.
  4. biggie

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    my reply, may not be want you want to hear but i'll share anyway

    selling before 60 days, may get you a profit and I've done it many times

    however, for some domains, I think one should wait out the 60 days.
    reason for that -
    is so you can get to "know" your domain.

    find out if it has any traffic and if so, what those metrics look like.

    for those who solicit sales, having some "actual" statistical data like 20% CTR for this domain,
    might make a difference in negotiations.

  5. erchaman

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    I appreciate your replies, thank you so much for your time.
    As Bob says, it seems it’s all about to deal with the customer, but when there is a BIN in a aftermarket I expect if there is a sale, the aftermarket will request for the same registrar to push the domain.

    Now I breath better knowing the answers which was frightening me if I had a sale within 60 days.
    Thank you.

    regards, Manu
  6. manpreet

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    Good to know you got your answer. Just to add, each domain registrar offers the Push domain facility. Some by within the control panel and for few you have to contact their support. Most of the marketplaces understand this too, that is why they don't restrict you from adding new registered domains into your list for sale.
  7. Mister Funsky

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    I am not a flipper...if a domain is not worth carrying for 3 years or more, I do not purchase it.

    But, I have sold several names while they were still on lock...all you have to do is let the buyer know the situation all all should be good. If the name is of value to them, something like a little lock delay should not matter.

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