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    Need Advice From Someone Who's Sold Websites...

    I have a long standing website called It provides Realtors and other Real Estate Professionals with over 200 Real Estate specific Icons and Graphics to freely use on their websites and in their web communications. The site has been up and running since early 2000. I'd like to try to sell it if it would be possible, but I'm at a loss on how to even begin? I think it would be an appealing site to anyone trying to target Realtors, maybe a Real Estate Loan Company, for instance? Would be great to get your name in front of many Realtors I'd think. But how would you even value such a thing? Where would you market it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am I just wishful thinking that someone would want to pay money for this site even?

    And am I even in the right thread for this discussion?
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  2. Hello,

    Would you mind if I moved this to either the Appraisal forum or professional appraisals forum? I ask, because if it's an appraisal/evaluation you're after, those are the best forums for this thread to be in for that.

    If you have access to the professional appraisals, I'll move it there, if not, I'll move it to the public appraisals forum.

    Let me know if you want me to move it to one of those. If so, I would like to set some time aside to evaluate your asset (Domain + Website) for you, if you don't mind.
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    Eric, whatever you think is best. I'm pretty new to selling websites for sure, and though I've dabbled with domain names, I'm not even close to what anyone would call a pro. So I bow to your wide range of knowledge on both for sure! Thanks for trying to help!
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    How much are we looking at for a professional appraisal and advice? Any chance of finding someone who would work on a percentage of sale basis?
  5. Professional appraisals are available free to VIP and Gold members here:

    If you have access to the above appraisals, you're fine, if not, you may need to upgrade. Alternately, I could move this to the public website appraisals and evaluate it there:

    Let me know, happy to help.
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    Thanks Eric,

    I'm in the middle of a project at this time which has me cash strapped so I'm not ready to upgrade my membership right now. So moving i to the would be just fine. Thanks for helping!
  7. Not a problem. Moving thread now.

    I'll set some time aside tonight or tomorrow to dig into it.

    In the meantime, if you have any traffic stats or revenue screenshots to add to be considered in the evaluation, please do. 😊
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    I do run google ads on it, so might be able to come up with some ad stats. I don't have a program on it to keep that kind of info though. I used to have, before I had to move the site from an old host to a new host and lost many of my pages of graphics. I've found about 200 images in old files, and I've probably another 300 or so on an external hard drive I have put away, that I could add to the site, but I'm afraid the rest are gone. I wasn't really good at backing the site up...was in the early days, but not in the last 10 years or so. At one time this had a membership section which did quite well in the early years. I have a large links page with hundreds of members on it divided by states. But when more and more graphics became available on the web, the membership began to drop off. Then, a few years ago, when I had the hosting problem and had to switch hosts, I turned whole site to free, paying back annual fees to anyone who came calling..but fortunately, that wasn't many.

    If I find any stats on Google Adsense pages, I'll let you know.
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    Here's a screen shot. I'm afraid Real Estate Clipart has been reflecting it's neglect over the last few years. It used to be quite active and show up number 2 or 3 in Google when it was active. But the act of switching the site which had hundreds of graphics on it and loosing all the page in the process, then my disinterest after that has taken it's toll. It could be great again though, I'm thinking, if it were actively worked.

    My other site,, I'm also going to try to market when I get a chance. It will be a local market sale since it's a local site I'm guessing, I'm thinking maybe to a real estate brokerage in the area? It's all about our neck of the woods, our lovely little city nestled in the Ozark foothills of Arkansas. The site needs some work before it's ready to try to market though. It shows up number 8 in the links when a search of our City is done...used to be higher, but Zillow and Wikipedia and other such big sites moved me down. It still get's decent traffic though, I think.

  10. That gives us something to work with in the break down. Thanks :)

    I'm going to do two separate evaluations and then combine the values to give us a better overall idea on your developed assets current market value.

    The 3 Evaluation phases are:
    • Evaluation 1: Domain Only
    • Evaluation 2: Website Only
    • Evaluation Total: Domain + Website value combined
    Why are you separating the domain and website like that?
    While, in an ideal world, the buyer will use your established asset, update all the code, add new features, beef up security, etc. Unfortunately, it rarely happens that way with the ideal end-user. Other resellers and hobbyists, sure, but then you may be looking at smaller budgets.

    It's common for many buyers to strip everything down and rebuild from scratch, while making sure to duplicate your link structure, so they don't lose any valuable backlinks and traffic you may have had on those specific pages.

    In short, separating the two allows you the versatility of being able to quickly counter with your reassessed asset value if they ask how much for the domain without the website. It could be beneficial to disclose both price-lines in the presentation as well, giving them options.

    Don't drop too low though, because even without the site they can rebuild to benefit on your traffic and backlinks.

    Ok, let's dive in and see what we are working with (Rolls up his sleeves).

    Evaluation 1: Domain Only


    Asset Type:
    Long-Tail (3-Words or more) / Niche-Product

    Defining Real Estate:

    Defining Clipart:

    Note: This is a very niche targeted long-tail asset. It does not have much in the way of versatility. It's dependent on the exact market it was niche-targeted for. This limits the pool of potential end-users.

    There is no sales data for Real Estate Clip art in any extension.

    Real Estate + Word .com sales data: 205 USD 2019-03-29 GoDaddy 252 USD 2019-01-13 GoDaddy 7,699 USD 2018-11-16 GoDaddy 155 USD 2018-11-13 GoDaddy 1,641 USD 2018-11-01 BuyDomains 592 USD 2018-10-30 GoDaddy 154 USD 2018-10-30 GoDaddy 1,260 USD 2018-10-10 NameJet 363 USD 2018-09-10 NameJet 540 USD 2018-08-25 GoDaddy 198 USD 2018-08-07 Flippa 260 USD 2018-06-11 GoDaddy 261 USD 2018-05-19 GoDaddy 122 USD 2018-05-07 NameJet 800 USD 2018-04-23 Sedo 135 USD 2018-04-14 NameJet 20,200 USD 2018-03-19 NameJet 168 USD 2018-02-06 GoDaddy 815 USD 2018-01-10 NameJet 202 USD 2018-01-09 GoDaddy 177 USD 2018-01-09 NameJet

    Note: There is a steady flow of Real Estate + Word sales data to look at. That's good news. Even though the majority are low 3-figure sales, it gives you a little reseller market liquidity to fall back on to soak up some of your initial investment, but not much.

    Word + Clipart .com sales data: 620 USD 2017-12-23 GoDaddy 132 USD 2015-08-25 GoDaddy 104 USD 2015-07-22 NameJet 340 USD 2014-05-30 SnapNames 675 USD 2011-01-08 Sedo 2,777 USD 2006-09-12 SnapNames 105 USD 2005-09-21 SnapNames

    Note: This is bad news. It's a dead market. Clipart is not a popular reseller commodity. While this may hurt reseller liquidity, it has no baring on hobbyist or end-user values.

    Asset Age: 20 Years Old - (Reg. Yr.: 1999)

    Note: I'm noting the age on this asset since we are also evaluating the website on it. Many consumers in the market for a "Business in a Box" asset like yours also pay attention to the assets age. 20 years old is a great compliment and stimulation to the buyers psyche.

    Thoughts on Domain Only:
    • Reseller = $150 to $650
    • Hobbyist = $675 to $1.2k
    • End user = $1.3 to $4k+ (With the right presentation you could exceed this.)

    Evaluation 2: Website Only

    Business Model:
    Free Clipart targeted at the real estate sector.

    Revenue Model:
    Free Clipart - No revenue
    PPC (Pay Per Click) - Average $1.62 per mo. x 12 months = $19.44

    Note: I like to calculate the monthly revenue average by 12 to 18 months, like brick-n-mortar businesses do when negotiating.

    The screenshot only shows page-views (255), we'll make a guess that 175 are unique IP visits, since we can't see that data. (Unique IPs are more important than page views to developed asset buyers).

    Now we have to determine what a Unique visitor is worth in the cyber world:

    Ok, so now lets take that 175 unique IP visitors and since you're dealing with a lower price line digital downloadable product, we'll say your leads are worth $0.50 each. So, that's 175 x $0.50 = $87.50 per month in real estate clipart leads x 12 = $1,050.00 for 1 year of the leads average.

    Unfortunately, the code is outdated and there are no extra features, so we can't apply much value here. We'll say $50 to soak up some past labor.

    Note: The age of this developed asset adds an additional $100.00 in liquidity


    Note: 6,895 isn't too bad. Most of them are on other mini sites or blogs, so they don't help that much. You really can't put value on a backlink unless it comes from an authoritative and dominant source in the index. If we toss out a penny per backlink, we might come close accuracy without having to spend hours digging through all the backlinks to value each one individually.

    So, $0.01 x 6,895 = $68.95 in backlink value (Without analyzing them all).

    Thoughts on Website Only:
    • Value Total = $1,288.39

    The hard part is identifying the potential end-user, gathering more research on their specific niche, formulating a presentation, negotiating, and closing.

    Your asset does have some reseller liquidity, but you will have to still do a lot of leg-work to find the right buyer and apply the hard parts I also mentioned above, which in most cases, investors fail at.

    Evaluation Total (Domain + Website) - (Apr. 2019 market):
    • Reseller = $650 to $1.5k
    • Hobbyist = $1.6k to $3.5k
    • End user = $3.6 to $7k+ (With the right presentation you could exceed this.)

    Here's how I like to break it down:

    • Reseller: This is a domain investor with no intention of developing. They generally park or use a landing page of their own to resell a blank canvased domain for a profit, either to other resellers, hobbyists, or end-users. These investors hand register, pay wholesale, or aftermarket pricing to lower the risk and increase profit potential. (Smallest budget)
    • Hobbyist: This is a domain investor with intent to develop an asset themselves to increase value and provide a means for a domain to pay it's own renewals each year, eliminating renewal overhead expenses. This type of investor tests different markets with developments until they find a sweet spot, in which they expand development, optimize monetization efforts in a few different verticals, resell domains or domains + websites with verifiable traffic/revenue/etc., monitors the aftermarket, and pushes forward into entrepreneurship. (Mid-Budget)
    • End-user: Contrary to popular belief, this is also a domain investor (They can be independents, partners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, or even government agencies). They invest in a domain name asset to develop for the purpose of generating revenue or delivering an important message to an online audience/customer base. Every hour and penny they put into that domain names development is still an investment into their digital asset (property), increasing the value, and potential. Most end-users have no intention of reselling a domain asset, however, it does still happen as part of company takeovers and acquisitions. (Biggest Budget)
    I hope that helps give a better idea on how I personally evaluate domain assets.

    P.S. If you like my evaluation, let me know by commenting below or using the like/thanks feature. This helps encourage me to do more appraisals in the future when I have the time.

    Thanks and good luck with your investments.

    (DISCLAIMER: For those reading this evaluation, please keep in mind that it's only for this domain name and not any variants or different combinations. It is not advised to register a bunch of variant domains based on a single domain evaluation. Each variant change may or may not decrease or eliminate value.

    Value can never be determined from a single point of research or variable. It's also important to understand the potential use of a domain asset in terms of monetization and revenue structure. This gives an inside look at what such an asset may be worth in a particular niche industry.

    These are quick evaluations based on my personal experience/knowledge in multiple direct and related online industries dating back to 2005, offline industries since 1996 +15 to 30 minutes of current market research for the specific domain being evaluated. It should be noted that the most accurate evaluation can sometimes take several hours or even days of research, data compiling, comparisons, etc.

    The views expressed in this evaluation are of my own, not those of namePros™.

    This evaluation is not certified, nor does it constitute or reflect what a fully termed evaluation may reveal.

    DO NOT use this evaluation alone as a reason to register or acquire a domain asset. Do your own due diligence and research before ever investing into anything in life.

    Legal Notice: If you are dealing with a Brand asset of companies that may have been established prior to asset acquisition, you may want to consult with an IP/TM attorney in the country you reside. Most have 1 free consultation. Just to be sure, if you haven't yet.

    Remember, at the end of the day, a domain name is truly only worth what a buyer and seller agree on.)

    Thinking about branding and/or developing one of your domain assets?
    Check out the namePros design contest section and design contest rules.​
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    Oh my gosh Eric! This was amazing. I feel as if I was seeing into your brain during this analysis of both domain and website. Very nice! I can add that sold on Godaddy in Feb, since I sold it for 800.00, so it's a good comp and puts it right in line with the values you've come up with. It was also nearly a 20 yr. old purchase.

    Well this is a huge help! I think I'm going to go ahead and list it in here at 800.00 for name with site and see how it goes. That's a bit less then the middle of your values to reseller.

    Thank you so much for all this! You are indeed greatly appreciated!
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  12. You're welcome. I didnt mind. I needed another domain + website evaluation to help get my circulation flowing again (i collected dust the last couple years and needed rejuvination).

    Good luck on your sale. 😁

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