Sedo: Buy Now Switching to Make Offer Mid-Purchase?

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  1. Nametree

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    Hey folks,

    I had a situation this morning and I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this. I saw a name on Sedo with a reasonable BIN and decided to buy it this morning.

    When going through the motions for the purchase, I got an error on the purchase page - both when I tried to pay by Paypal, and credit card.

    Strangely enough, when closing the page and looking the name up again to retry, the name now shows as "make offer" with the "seller's asking price" marked as the previous BIN. So a BIN listing was switched on me to make offer in the middle of the purchase. I tried purchasing through a partner registrar, and the purchase fails.

    Why would this happen?
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  2. Bearded Goat

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    The only thing that makes sense is that you went to purchase the domain at the exact time seller decided to change the listing. But they were slightly quicker.
  3. Sedo

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    Hi Nametree,

    Thanks for your comment,

    I can also confirm what Bearded Goat has said, the only possible way this could have happened is if the seller was updating the price option as you were in the process of buying the domain. Essentially until the purchase is confirmed the domain is still for sale and the for sale settings can be edited by the seller.

    All the best


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