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Hi guys, i know forums don't take too kindly to newbies posting threads on needing help but i didn't know where else to get it or to put this so if I'm out of line i apologise. Don't want to waste too much of your time seeing as you're helping me so I'l put it simply.

Am i wasting my money on these?
Are any of any worth?
Which would you drop from the list?
anyone interested in helping me turn any into a profitable website? ( Great opportunity, I'm not a selfish man)

My domains are :


Thank you for your time.
Really do appreciate it.



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Unfortunately, yes, you are wasting money on these. Don't see any value on any of them (and I really tried). If you're interested in domaining, I suggest you spend a couple of months researching the subject before you buy any new domains.


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You wouldnt keep a single one?, whats your favourite from the list and whats your biggest problem with it?


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Your biggest waste is investing in .com.au domains - I know, I've been there, going for supposedly very liquid, dictionary words. But, there's very little market for them; and when you pay AUD24 for each reg. it adds up fast...

In general, stick with .com but do your research FIRST!
NamePros is your best place to start. Read, ask, and then move slowly.
Then, the place to start would probably be GoDaddy Closeouts, IMO.


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It's very difficult hand registering good .com domains, nothing much is left. I suggest looking at domains that are dropping, auctions, forums because sometimes you can pick up something decent at a fair price.

If I were to hold any of the above it would be WAXTC, BJMO.

It's just a learning curve, take some time and read the threads. Even I own a bunch of ugly domains but I feel as though I have a bunch of decent ones too. You will also find that some of the most successful domainers all have some wtf domains in their portfolio as well.

It's all trail, error and best of luck to ya!


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Unfortunately, this is something we all did at the very beginning. However, If you stick around here and learn I am sure the quality of your portfolio will improve. Best of luck!


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Thanks for your opinions. I'm still struggling to understand how some of these cant be profitable. Say if I were to turn bustybiddies into a porn site?, that's a good brand able porn site. Worldweedstore.com, surely I can do something with that, a forum that I can sell advertisement space on?,

And on the .com.au ones. Australia is coming around to weed legalisation. Weedfinder.com.au.... I must not be getting it hey.
Can someone see what I'm trying to get at?, What's the problem?, like specifically, what's stopping these from being popular?, if it's just a matter of time, how can you say it's of no value?

Sorry to be argumentative, still a little confused.
Thanks again
Your biggest waste is investing in .com.au domains - I know, I've been there, going for supposedly very liquid, dictionary words. But, there's very little market for them; and when you pay AUD24 for each reg. it adds up fast....

^ This is a great tip. I would recommend to never register a .AU domain unless it's for your own website. There is only room in the .AU reseller market for about 3 profitable domainers. And it's too late to become one of them.

.COM on the other hand has plenty of opportunity, but you can't really get there from hand registering. If I were to offer a tip to a new domain investor it would be to almost exclusively buy from drop auctions for the first 12 months. You will waste too much time and effort otherwise. Don't try hand registering until you understand the quality it takes to make a sale.

If you're talking about making money from developing the domains, there's obviously limitless opportunity. But the domain is largely irrelevant. If you owned busty.com then you might be able to get some interest in a joint venture development, but otherwise JV opportunities are hard to come by.

It always sucks doing this, but I would liquidate everything you have or just drop them. Then instead spend your next $200 - $300 on a single dropping .COM domain. Then you have one good domain and a clear pathway to develop a website. With so many domains it would be hard to choose which one to focus on.


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Thanks james, your explanation was very helpful. Think il drop most of them. Probs keep a few to turn into websites if all goes to plan.

How come there's only room for 3 .au domainers?.
Weedfinder.com is a profitable international website, what's stopping that domain becoming valuable as soon as aus fully opens up its doors?, would they have to buy me out or I suppose they'd just stick with their own website?

Out of all of them, worldweedstore.com is my favourite and from all this advice will be the only one if any to develop.
Can I get some opinions on this one specifically. I'm very positive that if done right it could be the one stop destination for your weed needs.

Thanks again.
In addition to what the other members have said, this is what I see here:

You argue that some of the names could be developed into a brand. Well, any name, regardless of how it looks or sounds could be developed into something. But that is the wrong thinking.

The question you should ask is whether any end-user or business owner would pay more than registration fee (or even that) for one of those names now, not if developed, not in 5 years, but now.

To test the value, try posting all those names for $15 each here on NamePros and it is almost certain not even one will sell. That should tell you something. Now, that test is not always exact, but in this case, in my opinion, will be a clear reflection of the value of your names.

No reason to feel bad or be defensive. As stated by others, most of us did the same thing when we started.

Drop the defensive attitude, read... Go to NameBio.com and check what's selling. Check sales list from domain marketplaces in general.

Best wishes with your future investments and keep asking questions.


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First, you need to focus on your problem. Don't smoke weed. Then you will save a lot of money. If you don't have an interest or addiction to weed, you will not have those domains in the first place. I have identified the core problem that causes you to waste money.
Worldweedstore is probably your best but it still really isn't that good.

WorldStore.com, pretty nice
WorldWeed.com, pretty cool
WeedStore.com, way nice
WeedWorld.com wayyyyy cool
WaynesWorld, pretty funny

Worldweedstore.com, ehh


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How come there's only room for 3 .au domainers?.
Very few domainers are consistently making money, globally.
.au is a strong TLD, but it is a relatively small market.
Also, there are still restrictions on buying names for resale if I'm not wrong, even though they relaxed them quite a bit.

Your problem is that you have too many domains that are low quality. It's expensive to renew a portfolio, especially when you are not making sales to offset your costs.
The thing to avoid is the lottery mentality: buying up plenty of domains hoping you will make at least one big sale to pay for the dogs and make a profit. It just doesn't work. The odds of selling increase dramatically when you have quality domains (priced right).
So, rather than buy 20 bad domains, buy just one good domain.

It's not like your names are truly exceptional. Somebody who needs a domain could probably find some alternative domain, that is unregistered and of similar quality. People need a compelling reason for buying a domain on the aftermarket.

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Put the following on Sedo for free and IMO don't renew them when expiry date comes around.

The others I'm afraid my opinion is that you will simply never sell them. Probably not even the above either :(

I'm still struggling to understand how some of these cant be profitable.
Given the plethora of possible domain names out there, and some pretty ok ones for low $xxx for someone to dev a site on, yours are just not really something people would buy.

Say if I were to turn bustybiddies into a porn site?
Yes, but here you are asking for the value of the "domain names", which means in terms of someone buying the domain names, not a website.

So yes you could dev a site, but then your "value" is about traffic, visitor interaction (comments, forum posts etc) and from those what revenue you make. This is a completely different evaluation process. eg if you have 10 visitors a month there is likely no value beyond the domain name, whereas if you have 10K visitors a month, natural, then you could have a good valued sale.

However don't jump in trying to do that thinking there's quick and easy money, as that takes time to do needing skill and experience.

Also, the domain name still can make a difference. Sure if you generate 10K revenue a month buyers won't care too much about the name as long as that's legit and ongoing income. But generally someone would pay more for a decent website with a decent domain name.

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Please understand, while many newcomers don't know this, nor are they willing to believe it, there really is no get rich quick in domaining. Sure you can get rich in domaining, but you need knowledge and experience, and acquiring those traits is not "quick" ;)
There's no secret inner circle where we all make mega bucks sat on a beach and tell all newcomers "it's very hard, your domains won't sell". It's like any trade or job - hard work and knowledge. Go to your nearest decent joiner or mechanic and tell him you could do their job without training and make good money. The response? Of course.

Jump into the stock markets and make a killing? Not without knowledge, experience, and months of studying. Domain sales market is not too dissimilar to that :)

Learn and you can make money, over time with patience and ready to make mistakes and learn from them, and others.

Some good reading:

Good luck :)

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Just list them all with Sedo, Flippa etc. You got a large amount of tips and tricks now. If it doesn't sell before the expiry date let them go. Worldweedstore has a minimum potential like waxtc.com which i see as the most valuable. Maybe your lucky, maybe not. Take the tips for granted and see it as a learning curve. Goodluck!