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  1. Steve Andersen

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    @Nick R

    It never ceases to amaze me all the problems I seem to have at SAV. Latest problem, BO names on Saturday and Sunday and was billed for names caught. Normally in evening I get email saying names have arrived. So I submitted support ticket, as always problem occurs on weekend zero support till weekday. Today get email back saying there was a problem with SSL expiring over the weekend, and I can now retry the service. “RETRY WHAT EXACTLY YOU GUYS CAUGHT THE NAMES, CHARGED ME AND NEVER PUT THEM IN MY ACCOUNT”

    Couple weeks ago I win an Auction and was billed, instead of getting the name I get an email asking me to provide the EPP transfer code for the name I just won. Then I get daily notices for 4 days about not submitting the EPP code. As usual weekend so when support final reply’s a few days later it’s Oops we sent email to wrong address. I finally got name.

    Won other name after several days I again had to write support before it was transferred to my account.

    On two separate times I have had name servers get automatically pointed to SAV parking pages on multiple domains. Even though my dashboard showed them still pointing where I set them months ago. Both times had to wait on support to reply and fix both time blaming the registry. My names don’t change by themself at the registry for names at other registrars.

    Have multiple domains picked up via SAV back orders with double entries in my manage domains area.

    All these issues makes me worried to have fast transfer active on my names with you guys as well.

    These kinds of issues I don’t experience at other registrars. When their is a glitch they generally have 24/7 support to help with issues, even if only via chat.
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  2. Steve Andersen

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    As a follow, up SAV support emailed me back on the current situation and said names will show in my account soon, I checked and they are starting to be delivered.
  3. Future Sensors

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    Manually "Fixing" system errors ad-hoc happens a lot at Good that they have solved your issue. Now Don't touch anything...
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  4. Jeffrey

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    They don't use Sav for their domain. I will transferred my domains away from them this year, i just transferred to them last September 2020.
  5. jhm

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    @Steve Andersen For some reason I see a fair few complaints about SAV, its not good
  6. Nick R

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    Hello All. We have a great support team who is in Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm. They can help you with issues like this or anything else. It looks like they were able to get it resolved first thing on Monday.

    Over the weekend we had an internal SSL used to connect to a few registries expire which caused the core issue. Once it was discovered it was quickly fixed and domain updates were re-processed.

    In the future, feel free to DM me your ticket number and I would be happy to take a look as well.

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