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Sav Register issue!



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After getting know that if i transfer .com o sav its easy and will save money, I transferred more than 30 domain at once on sav.
But after completing the transfer the awkward thing happen.
after complete the DNS is not working.
with same server the domain was hosted, even i transfer with no change option before the expiration.
But always having same issue with my all domains. I thought that I have issue from server side. But i was totally wrong when mi move domain from them to Namecheap all the domain work fine.
when i ask help from support from sav they send screenshot many times that the domain working well.
but from my country or with VPN no site can't be accessible.
I tried many tool https://dnschecker .org/
On those site no ip was getting even
from ping.
They never resolved that. Even today i am getting same thing with this domain:​

I am adding Cloudflare(even clouddflare domain dns scanner failed to grab DNS rec) I had to upload menually all rec) at this moment hope this will fix my issue.
If not Sav seriously have DNS issue with their domain

I could write many explanation of my issue. but i am very much upset that i have to transfer domain again to Namecheap(just transferred to sav 1-40 days even not done)
i lost more than 10 big corporate client because of them.
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