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its good but why waste your time creating pages for each of your domains plus, other Marketplaces are more recognizable so if a user searches on google "Is DAN legit", "Is squadhelp legit" it would give them that reassurance to buy the domain.
Thank you for feedback.
From a first look, the page seems very clean but a bit old-fashioned - like from a very good designer from the 2010s. The only thing that I'd definitely change are the images (you & afternic) on the right because of the white overlapping background. If you have access to css -> add "border-radius: 100px;" to the images for a quick fix.
add "border-radius: 100px;" to the images for a quick fix.
Thank you for the feedback (apparently my late 1990's - early 2000 web design paradigms overrule the march of time)! I do appreciate your suggestion for the border radius. That will clean up those two images. **THANK YOU!**