[RULE REMINDER] Criteria Requirements

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Buyers / Requesters:

Please use the Requests template:


Please adhere to any buyer criteria requirements when offering your domains for sale in this section, whether it is via DM's or threads themselves.

Example #1;
A buyer requests one word domains and you offer them two word brandables, or made up words.

Example #2;
A buyer has a $500 budget. You offer them a domain priced at $750
This example (#2) is not acceptable and is considered as spam.

We are aware that this has become a recurring problem in this section and we are working on a solution to reduce the frequency of this issue. That said, anyone who blatantly ignores buyer criteria from now on will be issued with an off-topic spam warning.

We encourage members to report any offending posts using the report post feature.

Please read: Rules, Guides, and FAQ.

Thank you.
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