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    4 yrs
    reg. fee + renewals
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  2. Jv1999

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    Hey every1!

    It's been a while since I've posted--sumimasen :bow: but I've been putting it off and felt kind of down since cheat code stopped recently... but I just landed a big sail :tightlyclosedeyes: so here JV is now! :D

    Portland // Pri/ nts in king
    -$275 via Undeveloped// com BIN!
    -$1 cheat code, sold ~1 month later
    -received an inbound (no outbound) for $200, countered with $275. Buyer went silent and I sent a reminder email a few days later asking if they received my counter. They accepted! (Feb 19)

    Jacksonville// Book // Keeping in king
    -$250 via Undeveloped// com BIN
    -$1 cheat code, BIN 24 - 48 hours after outbound, but buyer didn't pay until 2 weeks later and a few calls and reminder emails from our very good Laszlo! (Mar. 6)

    Edmonton // Tax/ // Accounta//nt in king
    -$235 via Undeveloped//com lead import Mar. 11
    -$1 cheat code, received offer via email 24 - 48 hours after outbound. BIN was $325, but after some back and forth with buyer for 2 days, settled on $235. Paid right away after they accepted lead import from Undev :tightlyclosedeyes:

    Raleigh//Tra/ffic //lawy//er in king
    -$325 via Undeveloped//com BIN Mar. 30
    -$1 cheat code, BIN was around 3 - 6 hours after outbound! IMHO, one of my easiest and highest-paying outbound sails yet :tightlyclosedeyes:

    Patriot///Pri// nts in king
    -this was the afternic sail I said i couldn't talk about b4 :tightlyclosedeyes:
    -$1 cheat code, hodl time from BIN (not payout) was about 1 mo.
    -Afternic sail for $525 in Jan, but needed to w8 for 60-day lock, and was scary cuz was NetSol!!1 but they surprised me when their Jan auth code still worked with no issues when I gave it to afternic in April. Took 5 days only and complete transfer! Got paid like 1 day later on April 2 for $420 (that's also the date today :P how appropriate :D)

    Linked// Pho// tos in king
    -I liked this sail! :tightlyclosedeyes: I had been feeling let down by my outbound. And was trying to force a sail. Instead, this inbound came! (No outbound for this)
    -Inbound via Undeveloped//com for $475. The buyer's name was a media/tech company, so I quickly googled. That's when I knew I could milk this bby :tightlyclosedeyes:. I wanted to counter with like 2k, but I saw that my BIN was so low at $888 :/... so I had to counter with only $645... buyer responded so fast and was very nice, but I could tell they were very interested. THey asked if we could meet in the middle at 555, since they love the number 5 (i remembred from googl'ing that their company was 5****). I also have four 5's associated with something I identify with daily. So I realized it was fate / not a circumstance and decided to accept their offer and explained to them that I also had 5's. I could've pushed the $645, but I chose to accept the behind-the-scenes mechanistics -- because who knows what that extra $145 would've butterfly-effected for the world or just me or just the company, but it was probably unfavorable. Anyway, as expected they quickly accepted, paid. (Apr. 8)
    -$1 cheat code, hodl since Feb.

    Panty//B// ank in king
    -Welp. Embarrassed to say I reggae'd this :tightlyclosedeyes: but i guess, i was tired and looking at drop tower, I thought it was good? I... dunno. IM SO SRY GUYS!
    -$1 cheat code in Jan 20'ish
    -Received an email from buyer offering $50. Ofc, this is the time after WHOIS, and the fact that I had it listed in all the marketplaces and pointed to Undeveloped... But they still chose to email? Like... obv. they wanted to b cheap. So I messaged back in a formal tone accusing them of being very technical and asking why their potential startup couldn't afford the $1.xk cost. And then they replied that they were a domain investor, like me... and went on for a paragraph saying they saw it on auction for $20 but passed.. but they still wanted it... and offered $130... well basically they wrote too much for me to not think that they weren't that interested. But i looked at namebio and saw the very sparse data for this kind of keywords... So I countered with $145. They accepted and paid via PayPal so fast and even after I warned about netsol, they still chose pull instead of auth. And that was that. (April 14)

    So, at this point in April, I still haven't legit gotten an outbound sail. So that still frustrated me, coupled w/ the cheat code not working anymore... so I decided to try out a method I concocted on the spot:

    I call it the "Retrace!" method because in crypto, retracing is when a coin goes down in price just after pumping and then goes back up toward moon or eventual crash. So my Retrace! method is to go through my mail service and re-outbound the ppl who clicked on the Undeveloped//com links with a much reduced BIN. I figure this is not spam because they were only 1-inch away from BIN :tightlyclosedeyes: but instead found the price too high and didn't bother to make an offer. And here's what happened!

    Oakland/// SE // O in king
    -$85 via Undeveloped // com
    -Bought from exo-tower near Thanksgiving for around $22.
    -first outbound resulted in $40 offer via Undev that didn't go any higher and buyer stopped responding despite me going as low as $200.
    -on Retrace! received an email with very formal language and an offer of $75. Still feeling down, I asked for $10 for broker's fee, and they typo'd in their reply accepting it quickly. They accepted lead import and paid fast.

    Colum//bu s /// dog /// day///ca/ re in king
    -ANOTHER DOGDAYCR SAIL! I feel like I need to buy more of these geos lel :tightlyclosedeyes:
    -First outbound: No bites (Dec)
    -$125 BIN via Retrace! Undeveloped//com
    -$1 cheat code, 24 hours within Retrace! (April 18)

    BostonBus/// iness/// Ca// rds in king
    -LOL i came up with this GEO all on my own :tightlyclosedeyes: legit thought of it randomly (with some research) XD. I got the idea from i think our apartment that needed business cards or a netflix show or something. :D. But I bought a lot of this GEO in major cities, but no sails, so i figured it sucked. and it does.
    -First outbound: no bites, but 50% opens and 11% clicks (end of Dec)
    -sold for $125 via Retrace! Undeveloped///com BIN 24 - 48 hours after Retrace!
    -$1 cheat code

    And last, but certainly, certainly NOT LEAST: (DRUMROLLLLLLLLLLL):



    I saw this domain in tower (not exo-tower) and nabbed it so fast cuz I thoguht it was soooo GUD. But ecckkyy said it sux cuz it was lacking an L, and then it got rejected by BB and BP :tightlyclosedeyes: . But SQUADHELP BELIEB'D IN IT! And I believe it got accepted premium umm in Feb11 (to stop ppl from replying asking my SH portfolio: 18 premiums 1 basic) (had 19 including this one that sold :tightlyclosedeyes: )

    Anyway it was accepted for $2499 at 70% commission. So I'm supposed to get $1749. Jade emailed me fast for transfer, and I've initiated push! They're very fast!

    Hopefully they pay fast too :tightlyclosedeyes: THIS WAS A GREAT EASTER PRESENT!

    I credit this 2.5k sail to JudgeMind, because it was his method that got it to sail (listing everywhere). I wouldn't have done SquadHelp had I not seen him and been inspired. THANKS JudgeMind again!

    Well that's all for me! Hope you guys had great Easter egg presents too! I can see every1 reporting sails so I guess so! Especially that 25k token domain sail wow :D

    (btw if they don't pay me, I'll be sure to let you guys know too :P)
  3. tzone

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    Where did you acquire it and how many emails did you send and how much did you buy it? Good sale
  4. ValleyRock

    ValleyRock Sales and Outreach

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    Do you put prices in the email?
  5. Jv1999

    Jv1999 Spamming Exo: Dark Merc of the Exo-Tower VIP

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    If xxx yes.
  6. NamesMax

    NamesMax Top Contributor VIP

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    Scar /// pain / .com
    Afternic Fast Transfer

    Hand Reg on drop in 2017
  7. Nate Norris

    Nate Norris OptionFuse

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    Domain name:
    Sale venue: Efty
    Listing type: BIN
    Seller: Me
    Asking price: $1500
    Sale price: $1500
    Purchase venue:
    Purchase price: $69
    Details: Bought 10/23/2018, sold 12/22/2018
  8. sohel momin

    sohel momin VIP

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    Domain: - $4999
    Sale venue: Namejet Auctions
    Purchase price: $800
    Purchase venue: Namepros
    Net Profit: Approx $3400
    Hold time: 6 months
  9. ivbran

    ivbran Established Member

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    Sales price : $99
    Sales Venue: Godaddy
    Acquisition: reg.fee $2
    Hold time: 8 months
    Sale type: Offer
  10. Skyvisum

    Skyvisum Top Contributor VIP

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    SaleVenue: Afternic Bin (inbound).
    Listing Type: Bin
    Sold:$1,350 minus 20%
    Received final payment today after too much delay from afternic who did not reply a single email to explain the delay and I got my Godaddy VIP account Exec to look into it on Friday. I changed payment settings to PayPal so I can get paid immediately.
    Purchased In September 2016 for less than $16 + 2 renewals.

    No Further Details.
  11. alcy

    alcy Top Contributor VIP

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    had a fun little org sale.. renews few things and buys few regs too.. better than aiming for the sky and getting nothing at all in the end... :)

    high roller casino$111... gd offer.. <1yr reg... no outbound
  12. Adamsola

    Adamsola Established Member

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    Sold detroitfishingcharters in king for $200

    Sale type: Outbound
    Sale Venue: Undeveloped
    Hold time: less than 2 months
  13. NamesMax

    NamesMax Top Contributor VIP

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    Shipping. / center .info

    $200. BIN landing page

    I expected more out of the key words, but the .info was too much a deterrent.

    After we hear years an no offer, I marked it down.
  14. Satyajit Adhikary

    Satyajit Adhikary VIP Gold Account

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    $350 each - GD Premium
    Hand registered. No renewals.
  15. Federer

    Federer Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Just sold: - £2000 (Sedo) - $799 (Afternic) - £2000 (Sedo) - €675 (Sedo)
  16. DrJacoby

    DrJacoby Established Member

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    Domain: Olathe//Properties . [c o m] - $299
    Purchase price: $1 (Netsol promo)
    Sale venue: Afternic Fast Transfer
    Hold time: 6 months

    Sent a few emails in January with no responses, so I guess this counts as an inbound sale.
  17. Yusupbabay

    Yusupbabay VIP Gold Account

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    stone//truck /// com
    Sales price : $500
    Sales Venue:
    Acquisition: $17
    Hold time: 8 months
    Sale type : Bin
  18. Soofi

    Soofi Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Sale price: $65
    Purchase price: $119 (+ 2 renewals of $6 each)
    Sale venue: Whatsapp Group
    Hold time: 2 years

    So here I'm reporting a loss sale. lost my patience with .in domain names already and slowly selling most of them.
  19. Praveen Chidaboyina PRO VIP Gold Account

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    Sold for $1200 USD on Flippa yesterday.
    Acquired it for $211 USD a month ago. Received $1080 after Flippa's 10% commission.
    Spent $75 USD for promotions like Namebio, DSAD, DnGeek newsletter!
    #NoMoreInfo will be provided!
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  20. howudoin8

    howudoin8 Top Contributor VIP

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    You forgot to mention the amount paid to Flippa for "Premium Public Auction" tag.
  21. Nikul Sanghvi

    Nikul Sanghvi PRO VIP ICA Member

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    duet dot co ... $9000

    MakeOffer via Efty lander
    Handreg (.CO premium) in Nov 2018
  22. Jv1999

    Jv1999 Spamming Exo: Dark Merc of the Exo-Tower VIP

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    Dude youre like awesome lol
  23. DomainBarracksRob

    DomainBarracksRob Top Contributor VIP

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    Very Nice! Mind sharing which Lander you used on this one ? I’m just curious.

    Thanks and congrats!
  24. Jv1999

    Jv1999 Spamming Exo: Dark Merc of the Exo-Tower VIP

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    he said efty.
  25. alcy

    alcy Top Contributor VIP

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    not a very pricey premium I Assume?

    may I ask if you reg many prem .co as yoru new strategy?


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