Reasons, Purpose why an end user want to buy a non .COM Generic top-level domain like .NET, ORG etc

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  1. DomainRazor

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    I hold few 4L-8L non .COM like.NET, ORG and wanting to do outreach sales.
    Corresponding .COMs of these domains are fully developed by medium sized companies.

    As the subject says.. I want to understand the reasons why another company want to develop a non .COM gTLD when It’s corresponding .COM is already thriving.

    i.e if is thriving, who on earth want to build a business on knowing people will involuntarily type .com hence loosing traffic & customers.

    I could party answer my own question..
    [1] not-for-profit organisation will haply settle for .ORG and won’t care what it’s .COM counterpart may be doing.

    [2] thriving .COM company may want to buy rest of gTLDs to protect their brand

    But I’m certain I’m missing more … please add your thoughts
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  2. Jimmysun

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    Thanks, this thread is so me, .XYZ domain extension is the whole new territory especially for VR & virtual reality niche market, now you would see dictionary words lack a little bit soul such like:,,, after VR big bang you will see any dictionary world with .xyz be very engaging fluently, any single words will involuntarily related to VR, this is going to happen in nearly future.
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  3. Samer

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    to feel better, about being unable afford .com

    If com cost too much; $xx,xxx is money saved.

    Some think beyond the domain; and product;
    like startups with .io
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  4. TauseefKhan

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    I sold a dot co to a dot com owner. One reason is to protect their brand, second to restrict the use of the same keyword by another competitor, third renewal costs are fairly low from a company point of view.
  5. Chacha Wixard

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    I have and I wanted to make it shorter, so I bought If you can drop .com and just the whole name with dot between, I think its slightly better. Hopefully one day market ask "What is dot com?" 🙄

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