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Hello all,

I purchased a domain during the GPT domain gold rush, let's call it (not the actual name). SELECT is a generic term and not trademarked. After I acquired the domain, a small tech company I'd never heard of filed a trademark for the term "SELECTGPT", which they are not currently using per their USPTO application. They filed their trademark application a month after I'd purchased the domain.

I should note that their company name doesn't include the word "SELECT". I stumbled across this information while browsing USPTO, and it caught me by surprise as I had no prior knowledge of this before my purchase.

Considering the circumstances, I looked into the possibility of reverse domain name hijacking, but the success rate seems to be quite low. I reached out to the company two weeks ago with an offer to sell the domain but haven't received a response yet. It was just a general email with no sales figure intending to sell.

Could you kindly provide some insight on this situation?

  1. What should I anticipate if their trademark application is successful and I still hold the domain?
  2. Should I continue to pursue the sale now, or might that be seen as evidence of bad faith?
  3. Does anyone have any advice for how to navigate this, especially with the context that I had the domain before their trademark application?
I'd appreciate any advice or experiences you can share. Thank you in advance!

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