Purchase back the domain name you sold before?

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    The story of Quanfeng Wang is the hottest topic in the Chinese domaining community these days. Quanfeng had sold his domain name packet years ago and immigrated to the US, and now he is back, spending over 10 million CNY purchasing back the domain names he sold before. He said that it was not cheap but he has had a new plan for the game. He would use the domains as venture capital and invest the startups by providing the usage right of the domain names.

    Actually the buy-back purchase was not rare in domaining.

    Xiaohei sold the domain name to Leizhu. In Nov 2015, Leizhu was selling the domain name at a reasonable price, he then bought it back with several millions CNY.

    The investor Dapao sold the domain name to one of his friends. After several resells, the domain name was sold to Miller. Finally Dapao purchased the domain name back from Miller and spend a million CNY more than the original price.

    Pao means Run. The investor Maizi sold the domain name in 2012. Since the TV show Run! Brothers! received great popularity in China, Maizi purchased the domain name back at a middle hundred thousand price in CNY.

    Shebao means social insurance in Chinese. The investor Luandao sold it to Meken at 15k CNY nine years ago. Later the domain name was sold to Social Insurance Web of 800k CNY. In July 2015, the domain name was purchased back by Luandao at nearly 1000k CNY.

    What is behind back-purchase?

    Purchase the domain name back with a higher price. It does not seem to be a fancy deal anyway. However, there are reasons behind the purchases. The market changes and the prices fluctuate. Wensheng Cai sold the domain name at 18k CNY in the early years, but now the domain name shall be at least 5 million CNY. He sold more than 200 premium domain names at such cheap price.

    The price of the domain names are affected by many factors. In additional to the demand, there are also monetary factors, currency exchange rate factor and so on. The price in the other day could not compare with it today. Some top domains even could not be purchased back.

    As there are profit in the investment, no one will ever care whether the domain name was once owned by himself or not. Quanfeng purchased the whole packet for, with which he plan to invest into a project of his friend. The profit brought by the domain names could not be estimated.

    Actually, there are reasons behind every action. The domain could be sold for capital turnover, or for the good price at that moment. The investors driven by profit are sure that the purchase will be profitable.

    Declaration: this is an informative article that do not represent official investing advice, with no intend in misleading readers.Please be open-minded and objective. Welcome varied discussion below.Thanks!
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