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Let me present software that makes domainers happy! Everyday we work with huge lists of domains. We check: domain is registered or not, we check seo parameters and so on. Also sometimes we need to find email to contact the owner and buy this domain. So Whic Software will help You.

Now I'll describe Whic Free and Whic Pro.

Whic Free is a freeware version, which provides a bulk domains availability checking. Free version works with domain extension:.com, .ru, .рф. This functionality will be enough for the novice domainers.

Whic PRO
Support for the majority of domain zones and mass check in the following extensions:
gTLD: .com, .net, .org, info, .biz
Sponsoring Tld: .edu, .mobi, .tel, .asia, .cat, .aero, .coop.
ccTLD: .ru, .su, .kz, .tv, .ua, .at, .be, .bz, .cc, .ca, .cz, .de, .it, .in, .md, .mn, .uz, .fr, .kg, .il, .by, .co, .me, .mx, .us, .uk, .pl, .im, .fm, .la, .ws, .ee, .lv, .lt, .eu, .cn, .jp, .se, .dk, .kr, .nu, .hu, .tw, .no, .pt, .cl, .ir, .sk, .fi, .hk, .my.
Geo domains: .moscow, .eu, .asia, .cat, .berlin, .nyc, .london, .tokyo.
Cyrillic (.рф, укр, .бел, .москва) и chinese (网址, 公司, 在线, 网络) international domain names (IDN).

Also you can mass check on the following Seo parameters:
Google PR;
Server (IP, DNS, default page HTTP answer);
web.archive.org existing of copies;
Alexa Rank;
Yandex: CY, Ya.Catalog, clue (mirror), Ya-bar;
Some characteristics according Solomono (pages and donor sites number, iGood Din and iGood DOut)

Of course the main feater - is to support socks 4/5 proxies. And thanks to that can simultaneously checks in multiple threads. It was possible to achieve up to 120 simultaneous threads This reduces the time for checking. You can check 100K domains for several hours.

It is also worth to consider the function AUTOregistration. Everyone knows that the interception by means of software in gtld zones will not succeed against snapnames, namejet, dropcatch etc. because of high competition.But the program can be used as software for registering of domains directly from the program. Either use for domain registration when you are out. The program will do everything for you. You can also use the program for the less competitive extensions. For extra payment, developers will code a special solution for your registrar.

There are variants how to register domains, after checking whois or just sending a requests without checking.

Domain generation by mask is one of the features. You can easily generate three-letter, three-number and choose your domain extension.

Generating domain extends by masks N-number, L-Letter, C-conconant, V-vowel etc. The most important that you will be able to create your own mask and select the list of characters that will be included into your mask. Also, you can generate your list of domains. For example, you have a list of cities (you download it) + enter word (eg cinema), then the program generates variants example: newyorkcinema.ru, moscowcinema.ru etc.

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